What is a dog park

Dog exercise zone (dog park) - more harm than good?

In the opinion of various dog trainers - dog behavior consultants and the dog newspaper Wuff, a dog zone (dog park) brings more harm than good. The following article describes "why and why"

About the need for dog exercise areas, especially in our cities
there is little doubt. But such run-out zones and dog walking areas meet
also really the purpose, -Dogs sufficient exercise and opportunities
to offer social contacts? Or are they not rather mere "dog toilets"
or stress factor? The following are the critical remarks of one
WUFF readers and dog trainers on dog exercise zones and
Dog walking. Almost everyone of us knows them, those in big cities
officially created areas with the right to freedom of dogs.
If you ask in the scene, everyone has "their" favorite dog meadow.
People like to drive a few kilometers around the meadow
to visit with the best friends of our four-legged friend. Because
after all, the dog should and must have social contacts that knows
nowadays everyone, and that is almost the case in the dog owner scene
repeated like a prayer wheel. The question of sense or nonsense of such
Facilities and their regular attendance seems obsolete when one
whose popularity among dog owners would be based.
If you look at postings in various Internet forums or do you speak
with people who frequent these exercise areas or dog walks,
one could come to the opinion that dog walking in the 21st
Century inevitably belong to the dog life and this
are consistently to be regarded as positive. That this is by no means the case
you might think, but most of the dog lovers never do
communicate directly, otherwise you will quickly become a religious one
An argument in which one quickly becomes one of the most unpopular
The main actor is against his will.
Canids need social contacts Dog walking fans are always interested in this
First of all, the killer argument mentioned above, dogs needed after all
Social contacts, brought into the field. As is so often the case with topics related to dogs,
becomes here mostly irrelevant and undifferentiated a personal, little
questioned view of things presented as a fact. Surely it is right
that canids need social contact. But that is also correct here
not the quantity, but rather the quality of the relationships in the
Should be in the foreground.
According to this maxim, in which the dog owner has the necessary contacts
regulates and enables selected socially compatible dog individuals,
Everyday life on our dog walks quickly gets a mess
Aftertaste. Here it is often solely because of the enormous and mostly
confusing number of dogs not possible on the contacts to
have a positive effect on your own dog: everything runs back and forth
messed up, and before you know it, the next "does nothing" has the
first biting started with "just play"! Who knows all those dogs?
and their deficits in socialization and upbringing, albeit
appear only occasionally and unpredictably on one of these surfaces.
It should be noted that dog encounters are never static
and are always more than the sum of their individual parts. As well as
For us humans, a small factor is enough to change the mood in a
to date peaceful encounter or a game quickly in a brawl
or to end a common bullying. Who isn't there early
intervenes enough because he is talking to other dog owners or
the canine communication misinterprets what is in a group with
If the corresponding dynamic is quickly the case, it occurs frequently and quite quickly
the way to the neighboring vet.
If you look at the dogs of many dog ​​walking enthusiasts,
it is often apparent that they are just those dogs with
call a wide variety of (social) deficits their own. Finally he can
once a dog motivated to hunt his running workload without a long leash
graduate by having the next best "prey" in the form of a smaller one
Dog shows in a rushing manner the dimensions of the dog meadow; there can
the socially deprived dog from Turkmenistan finally barely his
Polish up existing social skills by dealing with diverse
aggressive communication from other dogs is confronted, or the
highly gifted Border Collie can finally live out his maddening madness,
by using the many other dogs to get them into the
To drive tight. If these and other peculiarities and types are so right
collide, it doesn't seem surprising that des
Frequent vigorous and very serious arguments in such
Run-off areas there. As so often, the leadership and
If the owner's educational weakness is added, it is all the more surprising
that there is not much more and worse on the agenda.
Bullying on the dog meadow But it doesn't always have to be
Worst of all, namely injuries happen to the dog too
damage. Anyone who has ever seen one of the small dog breeds
Associated mini, bullied by several much larger dogs
or even being hunted, can and should understand that it is
isn't too far off having fun for this dog. As you can
Confidently speak of that dog in those moments
Fear of death and if he could decide for himself, probably from
would foresee further visits to the dog area. If just that
Dog is otherwise more cautious and insecure, you like each other
rather not the learning experience through this traumatic experience
color in.
It is also always astonishing what a treasure trove of knowledge there is
the dog walk accumulates every day. Heard everywhere and over and over again
you can use the hackneyed wisdom like:
"They have to agree that among themselves!"
"He still has puppy protection!"
"He has to go through there!"
"Mine is dominant!"
"He just wants to play!"
and "He does nothing" seems to be the nickname of every second dog there.
It's frightening how there with half-knowledge and humanization
doggy behavior and communication are interpreted. If
already dog ​​meadow and group communication and interaction like that
is possible, this could also be used to inform about our dogs in
to learn from these situations. This certainly could for a keeper
be more interesting than, instead, at the same time over the daily
Trivialities of everyday human life with other people
chat while the exciting moments of doggy communication
Rushing past people unnoticed. Because then the visit would have
a dog park, at least for us humans!
But let's take a closer look at whether it is for a dog
is really that desirable on a fenced area with umpteen
Conspecifics, an unlimited number of "scents", many strangers
People to be more or less on their own. Would it be for ours
Social partner dog may not be more desirable with one
manageable number of people and dogs to play with, too
communicate and interact? Did you get a little more with that
When dealing with canine social behavior, it should be easy to get to that
The result is that the latter would be more desirable for dogs.
And it is no coincidence that Anders Hallgren already did this many years ago
notes: “The beginning of the problem was often a boring one
Dog handler. "
Modern zeitgeist trap? So why do people get the idea
that their dogs have the same needs, such as changing the
Game partner and / or accordingly changing social partners
demand as we do, whereby the question may be allowed here whether we as
People would actually be happy to do it every day
To have to make friends with strangers and other people. Here
unfortunately becomes inapplicable to unrealistic desires
assumed how this in humans according to the momentary
Zeitgeist likes to be handled and desired: one should always
to arrange joyfully and harmoniously with everything and everyone. But dogs
are neither people, nor do they fall into modern zeitgeist traps and
will therefore always only decide from the point of view of the dog, and this includes
with a high probability not, always and everywhere with everyone
Four-legged friends get along well or have playmates in large numbers
have to.
Probably, if the dog were allowed to decide, it would
First of all for his people as a play and cooperation partner
decide and also a few dog acquaintances
cultivate those with whom he feels comfortable and through which he has fun and stimulation
receives. Because reliability is always important for the dog in a relationship
still one of the main criteria that define quality. Arbitrariness in the
Relationship is unfortunately a major and often noticeable deficiency in the spirit of the times.
The resulting lack of relationship to one another can and probably should be
not with further incentives for an external focus of the dog
encounter, since this is due to the manifold stimuli of the more complex
The emerging environment is too often oriented away from the owner. There will
then cast out the devil with the Beelzebub and that is the result
already mentioned coexistence in parallel worlds of dog and owner, what
has little to do with a good relationship, though particular
Holders usually do not want anything more ardent.
Germ area dog meadow Another shortcoming that should not be underestimated
the run-off areas should also be mentioned here, namely the
Hygiene. Due to the frequency of visits and the number of dogs,
proportional to the total area available, it seems more than questionable
whether it is at all justifiable for humans and creatures, these germinal areas
to enter. Diseases occur again and again on the dog walks
sometimes devastating epidemic-like processes. Especially in times
general globalization in which dogs from all parts of the world are using
no or only inadequate vaccination protection are brought here,
one can only advise against a visit, especially with puppies,
whose immune system is diverse on the dog walking
Pathogens has not yet grown. There are quite a few for this
Diseases from different countries against which ours
Vaccination protection insufficient or insufficient, as well as endo- and
Ectoparasites that many local vets don't even find in textbooks
have seen.
Unfortunately, many dog ​​owners do not realize that it goes beyond this
Different diseases in dogs exist that affect humans
Are transferable, so-called zoonoses, which in particular also for the
Children of the dog owner household can be dangerous. Unfortunately
Here dog owners act like most people according to the maxim:
It only ever happens to others!
Making more valuable use of free time In summary, it can be said that with
a little more effort on the part of the dog owner is easy
to make shared leisure time more valuable than simply spending time at one
Go to the dog meadow and unhook the carabiner. Especially in ours
Today, when free time is so rare, it should be a concern of ours
to have something in common with our best friend and confidante
undertake and make this time as rich as possible. How simple
In the end, it is just small with friends and their dogs
joint excursions with joint games, fun and adventure
to plan. Because that, too, is quality for the dog, always new
common incentives and experiences far from the same couple
Square meters. Your dog will thank you!

Sources: Wuff dog newspaper and opinions of various dog trainers and behavioral advisors

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