Why is WILDCRAFT constantly changing its logo

WildCraft 3D: Online animal simulation

Game description:
At WildCraft it is a mobile game, which enables one to visit various natural areas in the role of different animals. The tasks are kept simple and repetitive. There is a fight against other animals in order to kill them and to get food for their own animal families. The areas, your own animals and the wild animals all have a level that shows the strength or difficulty.

Pedagogical assessment:
Cost model and advertising
The app is free in itself, but it tries to finance itself in a variety of ways. There are countless items such as new animals (only the wolf is available free of charge), optical customization options such as clothing, fur and eye colors or furnishings for your own home. For the most part, these can be won, but so-called loot boxes, i.e. treasure chests, which contain a random selection of new items, come into play here. There are different variants of these treasure chests. Only one of them, the one with the worst chances, is available for the playable currency "coins". In a store in the app, so-called jewels can be purchased for real money. This can be done in different sums, the price range of the packages extends from € 2.89 to an impressive € 109.99. These jewels can then be converted into other things, such as treasure chests with chances for rarer items, new animals, furnishings or special, limited-term offers. In addition, there are two other in-game currencies that are effective in other specific situations.
Overall, this app is designed primarily for two aspects: On the one hand, as a playful motivation, it primarily aims to appeal to the urge to collect: Collect new skins and other visual customization options for you or your home, unlock new animals, level and strengthen your animals. All of this is done via the same tasks and / or investing time / real money. At the same time, many elements are designed to make buyable content more attractive. Every new mission and every gift are provided with real-time timers, which suggest a timing, in order to either keep the players in the app longer or to bring them back to it. Each reward can be doubled by voluntarily viewing a promotional video up to 30 seconds long. In addition, such advertisements are activated in the menus from time to time. Advertisements for other apps or offers for purchasing items can also be found in the menus and in some cases during the game process.

Multiplayer mode
In addition to the single player mode, you can play together with other players from all over the world. The multiplayer must be unlocked via the first missions, but is otherwise freely accessible. Here you can even make contact with strangers using a full-fledged chat function without any significant regulation, as is the case in many places on the Internet. Since the greatest playful value lies in the already mentioned collecting aspect, there can also be a kind of pressure to pull in comparison with others. The possibility of founding a clan, i.e. a kind of association, also costs jewels.

App interface
The design of the app also shows in many places that it was not originally designed for the German area. Many of the text fields only have broken German, especially the grammar suggests that the translation was poor. There is also the option of registering an account with the developer and then linking it via social media options. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, a Russian-speaking client is also offered here. Due to legislative decisions from 2019, game developers are obliged to indicate the chances of winning the possible items in the case of loot boxes. However, the explanation for this is formulated in a misleading manner. Here it is said of the app that naming the chances of winning is a fair move towards the players.

Many elements of the app are aimed at making in-game purchases. The corresponding currencies can only be acquired in the required quantity with real money. In addition, there is a considerable number of advertisements, some of which want to lure with additional rewards. With a few exceptions, all rewards come to light via the random principle of a loot box, so that the collecting aspect is drawn out here too. If all these aspects are left out when playing, i.e. no real money purchases and no advertisements (as far as the option is available), a rudimentary, highly repetitive gaming experience remains, which offers little incentive or variety. The age rating in the App Store is the so-called IARC procedure. This is intended as an orientation and, in contrast to the USK classification, it is not legally binding. The app can be of interest to everyone from 12 years of age, but it primarily aims to generate income through the game process and offers only a very limited gaming experience without making in-game purchases. If young people have not yet been sensitized to the mechanics behind such methods of intake and these cannot be critically questioned, caution is advised here.