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Measure heel height correctly. It's a lot easier than you think!

"I'm not afraid of heights - have you seen my shoes?" - said Carrie Bradshaw, the actress on the series Sex and the City. But ... wait a minute, how can you find out exactly how many centimeters the heel is? Don't worry, I'll rush to help! I'm going to give you a few simple tips that will teach you how to measure heel height.

Are you wondering how high your high heels are? Stay with me and find out!

How is heel height measured?

It happens that shops, especially the stationary ones, do not indicate the sales level. Then you can only guess how many centimeters your new high heels measure. Forgo it because I will come to your aid. How can you correctly measure the heel height? Let me explain point by point:

  • place the shoe on a smooth and straight surface. This prevents measurement errors;

  • place a ruler (or tape measure) on the high heels. Remember to keep it at right angles;

  • determine the height of the heel, by measuring it from the floor to where it connects to the shaft.


The heel point does not count towards the heel height. So if you want to be precise, skip this when measuring.

In the endless depths of the Internet, there are many video tutorials available that will make it easier for you to acquire shoe knowledge. I recommend one of them:

The devil is in the details

You have all the calculations behind you and are astonished that two pairs of shoes, even though they have the same heel height, “behave” differently when walking? If you already have a ruler in hand, I suggest that you take another measurement. So: measure the distance between the heel and the sole of both models; marked with the red line in the photo below:

And is there a difference? The assumption is simple: the shorter the distance, the more pressure the toes feel. So, I think is it more comfortable for you to wear shoes that have a larger distance between the heel and the sole?

How do you measure the heel height? It is better to ask - but what for?

Follow Coco Chanel's tip: "Keep your heels, your head and your demands high". Remember that you are on have both the heel height and the height of the entire shoe. So nothing will surprise you!

And if you already know how high your heels are, but you still can't walk in high heels, I recommend you my other article for a handful of practical tips on the subject.

Aim high!


Agnieszka Bednarek

I am an esthete and enthusiast of unconventional combinations and shoes by Dr. Martens. I am of the opinion of Salvador Dali - "The basis of all victories is ... the outfit!". In everyday life I explore the secrets of sewing and craft. I define what is undefined.
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