What's the worst thing about dating

Get to Know: The Worst Dates In The World

Bad dates are good too, provided they have been around long enough. After all, years later you still have funny and exciting stories to tell. At least if you bring yourself to digging for them in your mind. It hurts when the most embarrassing initiation meetings reappear under the thick layer of old feelings of shame. Ten people tell of their most terrible attempts at contact.

Peanut butter and hate

I once dated this guy I met in a club. When he spoke to me, R.E.M. "It's the End of the World". At some point we wanted to meet, we had already agreed on a day, but he did not answer my text message in which I asked for the time. I knew his address, drove to him and found him eating pizza in his room. He apologized, but he would have found a page on the Internet that could calculate the date of his death. “It made me so depressed that I couldn't see you anymore,” that was his reason. He should have slept in peace at 85. We would then crouch in his room, he saw a spider in the corner and had to record it for minutes for whatever film he wanted to make. I reminded him that we wanted to cook something. What looked like this in his world: a pound of peanut butter in the wok and cauliflower, done. Then we started watching “Hate”, that film about violent gangs in a French satellite town. To this day I only know the opening credits because the man wanted to start making out right away. But not me. He yelled at me that I was made of plastic and threw myself out. When I left, the front door was stupidly locked. I couldn't go back up and ask him to unlock me, so I climbed over a wall in the back yard to get to the street from the house next door. My tights tore.

Ava, 31, radio play director

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