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Sewage king

Case studies
Extensive experience in wastewater projects from various industries with a focus on the food and beverage industry shows the solution competence in the field of industrial wastewater disposal. The following case studies show the solution competence:

The case studies can be downloaded as a PDF file.

The case studies relate to:

our range
  • Determination of the operational wastewater situation, recording of the water and wastewater flows including the associated pipe networks (sewer cadastre, wastewater balance, contaminated water management, evidence of non-discharged wastewater quantities)
  • Negotiations with municipalities, wastewater associations and authorities about requirements and discharge conditions
  • Advice on contribution and fee issues (heavy pollution surcharge, split fee scale), conclusion of special agreements, cost minimization
  • Solutions for in-house avoidance, reduction and recycling of residual material flows and wastewater
  • Conception of avoidance and treatment processes, technical and economic comparison of alternatives
  • Implementation of wastewater projects: planning, tendering, evaluation of offers, property monitoring, cost and quality control, acceptance of guaranteed values
  • Advice and support for the operation of wastewater systems (including commissioning), process optimization, immediate measures in the event of operational disruptions, solutions for the treatment and disposal of sewage sludge
  • Expert opinions on all issues relating to operational water management

Your advantages
  • qualified, independent advice based on many years of experience and specialization
  • tailor-made, long-term economic solutions using the best technology
  • adapted introduction conditions, utilization of the negotiating position
  • secure compliance with the conditions and requirements
  • Relief of the operating staff
  • secure basis for decision-making
  • minimized wastewater problems and wastewater costs
The engineering services are usually remunerated according to the time and effort involved, with an upper limit being set. The basis of the upper fee limit is a detailed description of services. Alternatively, a flat fee is also possible.

Target groups
Beverage production: breweries, fruit juice companies, wineries, production of wine and sparkling wine, spirits, soft drinks

Fruit and vegetable processing:
Potato processing, pickled preserves, fruit and vegetable juices, jams and spreads, preserved fruit, dried fruit and vegetables, frozen vegetables and fruit

Milk processing:
Cheese factories, ice cream, yoghurt, whey processing, drying plants, complete production scope of dairies

Other food industry:
Baked goods, bakeries, confectionery, confectionery, pasta, condiments, sauces, essences, spices, flavors, vinegar, vegetable and animal oils and fats, slaughter and meat processing, poultry slaughterhouses, fishing and fish farming, production of basic food materials (e.g. starch, gelatine, etc. ), dietary foods and preparations

Other industries:
Biowaste recycling, biogas plants, animal feed production, leather production, bed springs, paper, cardboard and cardboard processing, production of soaps, detergents and cleaning agents, pharmaceutical products, laundries, ceramics, tiles, bricks, concrete, sand-lime brick

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