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Here you will find an overview of our Bachelor and Master programs, our training model, doctorate opportunities, excellence programs, scholarships and general information about studying in Holland. There are testimonials in our Student blog and regularly on Instagram. For a lot more information and details, please have a look at our english and Dutch Website over.

At the University of Twente (UT) we want to encourage the ingenuity and drive of our students. The multidisciplinary, project and practice-oriented teaching approach contributes to this. The UT is a technical, research-oriented university, which is characterized by its pleasant and personal atmosphere. It goes without saying that lecturers who are easily accessible and who are available to assist the students with any questions they may have.

Study in Holland

Holland represents a great spirit of invention, problem-based solutions and a cosmopolitan outlook. Studying in Holland gives you the opportunity to become your own pioneer, work creatively and connect with others.

International orientation

The University of Twente has a strong international focus. More than 3,000 students come from abroad to study at the university. This is where people from different cultures meet who can learn a lot from each other. This is also noticeable in the language of instruction: All Master’s and the majority of Bachelor’s courses are offered in English. As a partner of the ECIU (European Consortium of Innovative Universities), the UT would like to promote the development of a knowledge-based economy with the topics of innovation, creativity and social relevance.


At the University of Twente you can do a Bachelor's or Master's degree-Graduate courses in the fields of technology, natural and social sciences, behavioral research, management and business administration. In the following we would like to introduce you to the courses at the University of Twente.

Bachelor courses
  • The English-language, multidisciplinary Advanced Technology course combines various technical disciplines and is geared towards social needs.
  • Applied Mathematics Wherever calculations and models are used, mathematics plays a decisive role. The Bachelor Applied Mathematics teaches mathematical possibilities for societal challenges.
  • Biomedical Technology In this engineering course, you will design and develop new technology for the healthcare sector.
  • Business Information TechnologyInformatics and business administration as a perfect duo: In-depth knowledge of the development and use of modern IT systems make business informatics the linchpin in the company.
  • Chemical Science & EngineeringDeveloping new materials and processes and improving existing ones: this is what the Chemical Engineering Bachelor's degree program at the University of Twente is all about.
  • Civil Engineering Civil engineers design, construct and monitor infrastructure projects and large structures. In Twente, technology and the associated organization are combined in this subject.
  • Communication ScienceWe prepare you for a rapidly changing world in which communication professionals are needed. We offer a degree program that combines communication with design and technology.
  • Creative TechnologyHow do you use technology to generate user interactions and contribute to a better future? The course encourages you to develop innovative applications using the latest technology.
  • This course equips you to help shape the world of tomorrow by developing and improving high-tech solutions for problems in an increasingly wide range of areas of society.
  • The aim of this degree is to improve the organization and quality of healthcare. How do you achieve the best patient care - affordable and efficient?
  • Industrial Design Engineering The industrial design bachelor's degree combines technology and creativity for the design of everyday objects that are functional and have the right design for the respective target group.
  • Industrial Engineering & Management As an industrial engineer, you use models and techniques to systematically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a company and to carry out improvements.
  • International Business Administration International Business Administration imparts practical and theoretical knowledge of business strategies and prepares you for a career in the complex international business world.
  • Management, Society & Technology: This English-language BSc course combines leadership, public management and politics with the forces of technology - to (re) shape the technological society of tomorrow.
  • Mechanical engineering Machine builders want to know how things work and use their wide-ranging technical knowledge to design, improve and maintain machines, constructions or processes.
  • Mechanical Engineering (location Vrije Universiteit)
  • PsychologyHow does behavior arise? Why do people behave differently? What is abnormal behavior? And what normal? How can behavior be influenced? Welcome to the Psychology degree program!
  • Technical Computer Science This course prepares you to combine computer science with technology and engineering in order to develop diverse solutions for people, companies and society.
  • Technical medicineHow do you help patients with the most modern technology? A medical technician uses technology to develop new, safe solutions for diagnosis and treatment and applies it to patients.
  • Technical physics Understanding physical phenomena by discovering the underlying principles and applying them in practice: This is what technical physics is all about.
  • University College Twente (ATLAS) This multidisciplinary, English-language degree program integrates social and technical aspects into a completely new approach to engineering and offers teaching at a level of excellence.

University College Twente

With ATLAS, the University College Twente offers a unique course for exceptionally gifted students who are interested in combining technology and humanities in their studies.


A number of excellence programs are offered in the Bachelor's and Master's programs at the University of Twente. These programs are suitable for talented students who want to explore subject areas outside of their usual discipline and who want to express their creativity.

Study recommendation and advice

With study advice and recommendations, the University of Twente makes a valuable contribution to ensuring the quality of studies. Each course is accompanied by one or more study advisors. Students can contact them at any time if they have problems, for example if they want to adjust their timetable, have questions about the course of study or a semester abroad or need other support. You can find more information about this on the Student Affairs, Coaching & Counseling website.


The structure of the Bachelor's degree is shaped by the Twente training model. The academic year is not divided into semesters but into ten-week modules. Each module is dedicated to a topic that is supplemented by project work. The problem-based learning as an integral part of the course is realized through intensive project work, in which the students can solve realistic tasks together and thus learn from one another and support one another.

After graduation: doctorate

The Twente Graduate School at the University of Twente offers a wide range of Masters and Ph.D. programs for students pursuing a career in science or research.

Part-time Master's for experienced professionals: Executive Programs (PLD)

Are you interested in practical part-time studies or courses after you have graduated from university? Our Professional Learning & Development Center is the business school for specialists and managers. The educational program (only in Dutch) is linked to the main topics of the University of Twente. Based on knowledge, exchange of experience and finding inspiration, theory and practical application go hand in hand here.


The University of Twente offers students with above-average grades the option of a scholarship when they apply for one of the UT graduate programs. These vary from government and organization-sponsored to private scholarships. In addition, the University of Twente Scholarship Foundation awards a limited number of scholarships to excellent students. You can find all the details in our Scholarship Finder.