What's the Best Tennessee Bourbon

Tennessee whiskey

A Tennessee whiskey must meet two criteria: The whiskey must be produced in the US state of Tennessee and go through a filtration through maple charcoal. This process is also called the Lincoln County Process.

Many Tennessee whiskeys are also bourbons

Most Tennessee whiskeys are also bourbon whiskeys. The more extensive regulations of this American whiskey genus form the basis on which the Tennessee whiskey with the special features mentioned is built on.

Jack Daniel’s is the most famous Tennessee whiskey

When you hear the term Tennessee Whiskey, you often think of a brand: Jack Daniel’s. With over 90 million liters per year, the manufacturer is undisputedly the largest in the state. The brand has significantly advanced the legislation relating to Tennessee whiskey and consciously uses the term in advertising to differentiate itself from “conventional” bourbons. But even with the popular Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 is de facto a bourbon whiskey.

Six other distilleries make Tennessee Whiskey on site

But other well-known American whiskeys are also distilled in Tennessee. These include George Dickel in Tullahoma, Benjamin Prichard’s in Kelso and four smaller distilleries that are better known in the USA. Benjamin Prichard’s is the only Tennessee whiskey that is not filtered through charcoal. A “grandfathering act” comes into play here, a kind of grandfathering. This is because the brand has already done without filtration and therefore does not have to implement the Lincoln County Process under this exemption.