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Issue KA 2-19 April / May


1 issue KA 2-19 April / May

2 CABARET FROM MAY IN THE GEORG-BÜCHNER GYMNASIUM! SATURDAY, KÖBES UNDERGROUND 30 YEARS LIVE KÖBES UNDERGROUND celebrates 30 years of existence this year as the house band of the KÖLNER STUNKSITZUNG. On this occasion, the 10-piece band presents a program with the highlights of the last 30 years. SUNDAY, THE BLUE ONIONS BLUES BROTHERS TRIBUTE SHOW The German No.1 BLUES BROTHERS TRIBUTE SHOW "Blue Onions" with Willich frontmen Jochen "Jake" Conzen and Frank "Elwood" Henkes will rock the GBG with their large crew. More information: SATURDAY MATHIAS TRETTER "POP" Mathias Tretter is back. Livelier than ever, nastier than ever, with the program of the hour: Pop political comedy without a sermon. From an oral presence professional. ALSO: MARTIN ZINGSHEIM MARCEL MANN JUMPER INGO APPELT KURZ & KNACKI BLÄCK FÖSS RENE STEINBERG OSAN YARAN PRESALE & PROGRAM * GEORG-BÜCHNER-GYMNASIUM

3 CONTENT KAARST NEWS Kumon learning center Kaarst 4 Detox purify the body 5 Happy Easter 5 Easter market in Büttgen 6 Maimarkt Kaarst 6 EWTO self-assertion / self-defense 7 Garden tip 8 Flowers paradise gives plants 9 Maxgarten irrigation system 9 Advice at the Raiffeisenbank 10 Flowers Anton 11 Everything for young parents 11 Walking with the DJK VfL Büttgen 11 DATES Letter from the mayor 12 Event tips 12 Kaarst Autal 26 HEALTHY LIVING Modern dental health barrier-free 27 Simply better sleep 28 Osteopathy for children too 28 WE PRESENT Far Eastern martial arts 29 Sports honor years Josef Karis 30 Dear readers, Es lay the hen with the Easter bunny in the green grass in front of the house. They giggled and joked Easter is just awesome. Such a short poem for the upcoming Easter. Do you actually know what the meaning of Easter is or where the Easter bunny comes from? Also interesting: In the past, you weren't allowed to kiss and flirt during the entire Lent until Easter, well, maybe behind the front door or when nobody was watching ... In this issue we would like to give you some information about Easter that you may be able to find out soon did not know. You will also find information about the Easter markets in Kaarst and Büttgen, the upcoming Kaarst Autal and we will explain what can be done in your garden in spring. We have put together many events for you in our calendar. In addition, we present information from the Kaarster business world, innovative concepts, craftsmanship, tips for everyday life. We are also looking forward to numerous letters for our prize puzzle with many attractive prizes. Have fun reading and visit our website Nadia Joppen & Wolfgang Dille & Rolf Toepel Editors SERIES Lectures by the Senior Citizens Initiative 31 Kaarster Heads 32 Numbers Search Big competition 33 Imprint 33 Özkaya Martial Arts School more on page 31 Issue KA

4 CURRENT PR ADVERTISEMENT KUMON IN BÜTTGEN CREATES SPACE FOR MINI-STARS The Kaarst Büttgen learning center in the heart of Büttgen has existed since 2011. Here children between the ages of 3 and 19 not only learn mainly math and English, but rather the children learn self-organization, self-motivation through successful learning, concentration and continuity. Especially when it comes to self-motivation, all students tend to only practice the upcoming class work for a short time. But it is much more important to have well-founded knowledge permanently available, not only selectively, explains Raphaela Dettmer, who, as a trained insurance specialist and lecturer at the vocational training center, fulfilled the extensive qualification requirements of Kumon. PROVIDING THE FUN IN LEARNING The aim of the Kumon method is in particular to convey to children the fun of learning, curiosity and motivation. This also promotes self-confidence, learning skills and techniques are continuously adapted and the learning level is constantly checked. Raphaela Dettmer and her team try to overcome the motivation deficits in puberty by having fun learning in a group, but with the necessary seriousness, continuity and success, especially with larger pupils. The best example is a student who came with a 5 in math in the 9th grade and is expected to complete his high school diploma with a math advanced course 2 this year. Today there are students in Büttgen in their third year who Kumon has accompanied through to their Abitur. Most of them like to come, as such a 10-year-old student makes learning with several children a lot more fun than sitting at home alone. But also the very young students of the 1st and 2nd grades use the pleasant working atmosphere and learn from the ground up to organize themselves and their learning successes. After each level reached, you will receive a certificate and will remain highly motivated for many years. She is now working with two other Kumon educators and a group of teacher training or math students and can respond individually to the needs of the students. It is an intensive preoccupation with each individual child and also includes the creation of individual curricula that are precisely tailored to the requirements and needs. The students come from all parts of Kaarst and Neuss. MORE ROOM FOR LEARNING At originally 70 square meters, there was always something going on and sometimes it got a bit too loud, so the learning center was expanded. With the additional 70 square meters acquired, the problem is solved and the new room is available especially for the youngest learners from 3 years of age at special times. On Tuesdays and Fridays from until and on Wednesdays even until 12 p.m., the basis for a successful school career is created here, age-appropriate. For middle and upper school students it is open daily from until 12 a.m., they can work intensively and individually during this time. In the Easter holidays there will again be a crash course for the Abi with the 4 exam-relevant topics. Now save 49.00 registration fee on presentation of this advertisement! PRACTICE EARLY The successful development of the learning center in Büttgen and the fact that many students stay with it for a very long period of time prove that the Kumon method is right. The earlier you start, the less bumpy the transition to secondary school becomes and with a continuous learning attitude, the path in the middle and upper grades is not very rocky. Learning should be fun and open all doors for the future for our children and so Raphaela Dettmer advises all parents to deal with the topic at an early stage and is always available for questions and individual knowledge reviews. 4 Issue KA 2-19 KUMON LERNCENTER KAARST / BÜTTGEN Rathausplatz Kaarst Tel .:

5 CURRENT PR ADVERTISEMENT DETOX HOW DOES IT WORK? DETOXIFYING, DETOXING, REDUCING WEIGHT Detox cures are particularly recommended in spring. What does that actually mean? Detoxifying means relieving the body and helping it to excrete toxins. This prevents diseases and can provide relief from many ailments. For example in the case of pain, tiredness or a weak immune system with susceptibility to infection. In Andrea Vollmert's naturopathic practice, there are various therapy options such as: Autologous blood treatment, cupping massages, lymphatic drainage or drainage procedures. Maybe a little weight needs to be reduced as well. She puts together an individual wellbeing and detoxification program for each patient. There are also vouchers for massages, etc., in case an Easter present is missing! Do you have any questions about this? Please contact my practice for a consultation. Stay healthy and get fit and relieved into spring! HEALING PRACTICE ANDREA VOLLMERT Am Siepbach Kaarst Tel .: HAPPY EASTER 2019 We wish everyone a happy Easter 2019 but do we still remember the importance of this festival? Or are we just looking forward to the Easter bunny and plenty of chocolate eggs, forgetting that meat, flirting and kissing were forbidden at Easter? Nobody knows exactly where the word Easter comes from. Perhaps from the Gallo-Franconian word austro (morning red), which could be reminiscent of the church service on Easter morning, explains Alfred Bammesberger from Cologne. The historian and linguist derives it from the old Germanic aus-tra (scooping up water) and sees a relationship with the Christian baptism on Easter vigil. Bammes berger: Particularly in the Christian region of the Lower Rhine, some indications point to this thesis. He confirms: Around 70 years ago there were two large zinc bathtubs full of water in many Catholic churches, which were consecrated as holy water. From this, the residents covered the need for holy water for their domestic needs: Because in every Catholic house or on farms, the vessels were filled with new holy water at Easter, according to Bammesberger. THE BIBLICAL STORY At Easter (Latin pascha, from Hebrew pessach), Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the death on the cross. According to early Christian belief, this happened on the third day after his death, whereby the day of death counted as the first day: i.e. on Easter Sunday following Good Friday. Since, according to the Bible, the events fell on a Passover week, the date of the moving Jewish main festival also determines the date of Easter: Easter therefore falls on the Sunday after the first spring full moon, in the Gregorian calendar on March 22 at the earliest and on March 25 at the latest . April. PAGAN INFLUENCES Many of the customs and symbols used at Easter are of pagan or folk origins. Examples of this are the Easter bunny and the Easter egg, which can be bought ready-made in all colors and paintings. The folk traditions are often more important than the early Christian background, and in recent years some Easter customs have become more and more popular. So the Easter fire, which is attributed to the Germanic sun cult. It is said to be reminiscent of the old Germanic goddess Ostara, whose symbols, according to myth, were rabbits and eggs. Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are therefore considered pagan fertility symbols. Other Easter customs were also very pronounced on the Lower Rhine. What was the consecration of meat at the end of Lent in Bavaria was the total renunciation of meat on the Lower Rhine, says Bammesberger. In stories from older citizens, the following is often pointed out: In my childhood, no meat was allowed to be eaten from Maundy Thursday to Holy Saturday. What is now easily replaced with a fish or salad dish was previously replaced by yeast dumplings (steamed noodles) with preserved plums in most families on Good Friday. Another tradition: In Lent, from Ash Wednesday to Easter, flirting and kissing were forbidden, explains Bammesberger and adds: Almost unimaginable, because that was 40 days. From Easter Monday, the young men and women were allowed to flirt and dance with each other again: Perhaps that is why the traditional Easter balls were created on Easter Monday, according to the historian. Photo: Tim Reckmann / Pixelio Photo: Petra Bork / Pixelio Edition KA

6 CURRENT 11th EASTER MARKET IN BÜTTGEN March 31 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Rathausplatz Photo: Timo Klostermeier / Pixelio 41st MAY MARKET IN KAARST-MITTE May 12 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Photo: by-sassi / Pixelio Spring and Easter decorations as well as valuable tips from the local craftsmen shape the Easter market of the Büttgen interest group. Since spring awakens the desire for change or renovation in many property owners, now is the right time to talk to the Büttgen craftsmen. The craft show takes place regardless of the weather in a large tent on the church forecourt. In addition, the Rathausplatz is well stocked with over 60 other stands on the topic of Easter. Here you can find old friends as well as new faces. In any case, a wide variety of handcrafted products are on offer again. The program for the kids is particularly diverse this year, as is the culinary variety: potato pancakes, confectionery, mushrooms, Belgian fries as well as waffles and crêpes pamper visitors. You have to find out for yourself whether you can try the liquor and jams on offer. Of course, the IG Büttgen retailers are open around Rathausplatz and have many attractive spring offers ready until 6 p.m. IG Büttgen is hoping for many visitors and customers from near and far. The May market on Mother's Day has a long tradition. For the 41st time, the advertising association Rathaus-Arkaden, ISG Kaarst Mitte and the city of Kaarst invite you to a colorful family day on May 12th from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. organized by the event agency decked out. Shopping, strolling, meeting friends that stands for the popular Maimarkt in Kaarst-Mitte. There is a lot to discover for young and old: Artisans and traders present colorful goods: hats and caps, jewelry made of various materials, gifts for animal lovers, honey and beekeeping products Here there is something for every taste and there is sure to be a load. Minute Mother's Day Gift. Strawberries and asparagus should not be missing, the Kaarst farmers offer them. Attractive outdoor catering rounds off the offer. It goes without saying that the Kaarst retailers will open their doors from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. and invite you to go shopping on a Sunday with attractive offers. Also there: the ship model club Bochum 1985 e.v. with a large number of self-made boats on the small city lake. Children can also take the wheel from time to time! Stadtwerke Kaarst will be offering a great kids participation campaign! Kaarster Animal Food and Accessories Center Large equestrian department Open Sunday and reserve 15% on everything from clock * * except for already reduced goods, only while stocks last NEW ARRIVED: Spring / summer clothing Pikeur, Eskadron, Eurostar, Kingsland, Samshield, Imperial Riding , HV Polo ... A large selection of rabbits stalls set up in the house Pond season begins Pond sticks standard 15 l 7.99 from 3 bags of 6.99 each Pond sticks colorful 15 l 8.99 from 3 bags of 7.99 each Katina oat-free muesli long-term special offer 20 kg 9.99 save up to 10%: from 2 sacks of horse feed 2% 10 sacks -10% Use our clipper rental and our ceiling cleaning service. From saddle pads to club jackets, we embroider almost everything. Our home and yard delivery service is ready for you. New in the range of Fleischeslust Wolfsfreund, Wolfsblut, Josera, Dibo Frozen Food, Dr. Clauder's Barf range, Wildborn, Markus Mühle, Terra Canis and Terra Fealis Dr. Alders Landfleisch 800 g can instead of 1.79 only 1.49 Rinti connoisseur meat 800 g can instead of 1.69 Permanent low price from 12 cans 1.59 Industriestraße 10a Kaarst Tel / Mon. Fri. Sat. 6 p.m. Issue KA 2-19

7 NEWS WHAT'S UP IN BROICHERDORF? From the outside, no change can be seen on the building of the EWTO WingTsun Academy. PR ADVERTISEMENT After a telephone consultation, a free, non-binding trial training is possible. The Academy for Assertion / Self-Defense and ChiKung has existed for 17 years. However, the owner changed on February 1st, 2019. The Margull / Puzych couple now manage the Academy in Kaarst in addition to the Düsseldorf-Heerdt site. The offers in Broicherdorf are diverse and enjoy great popularity. There are interesting courses for women and men of all ages. EWTO WINGTSUN AKADEMIE KAARST Broicherdorfstr Kaarst Tel .: / Participants learn self-defense using the Chinese martial art WingTsun in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The teachers are individually dedicated to each participant, both beginners, advanced and professionals. Behavioral training is the first priority for the children. Here the children learn to assert themselves in role play in everyday kindergarten and school life. In addition to the courses mentioned, ChiKung lessons are of great importance. ChiKung is a health system that is characterized by stretching / strengthening exercises, sensorimotor exercises and relaxation exercises. Pretzel ONLY 0.80 Oehme Korn ONLY 2.89 2 Sonnenkornchen ONLY 0.98 6 rolls ONLY 1.50 Sand cake ONLY 2.95 Bäckerei Oehme NEW OPENING in ReWe Röttcher Markt Neusserstraße 6, Kaarst Valid from to only in the shop on Neusserstr. 6 edition KA

8 CURRENTLY WAT'S GOING ON IN APRIL BRING LIFE INTO YOUR GARDEN Now you can see the garden waking up. Spring heralds itself with the first colorful blossoms. For budding hobby gardeners, here are a few tips on how to give the garden a good start into the new gardening season. With the spring sun, the right time has come to treat the lawn to a small maintenance program and to prepare it for the coming gardening season. With the right lawn care in spring, you lay the foundation for the grass to grow evenly and vigorously throughout the year. LAWN CARE AND REGENERATION Now it is time to mow the lawn regularly again in the event of a prolonged drought. However, do not cut too short so that the grasses can better assert themselves against weeds. To prepare the area for the garden year, it is worth applying a nitrogen-stressed organic fertilizer. This can e.g. Be horn meal or shavings. If there is a lot of moss in your lawn, this is a sign that the ph value is too low.Fertilization with granulated lime helps here. This stabilizes the ph value. From May the lawn can be worked with the scarifier. After chopping and removing moss, the area should be re-sown. You can then fertilize again after four weeks. GENERAL GARDENING WORK The first flower bulbs are slowly fading. The stems, leaves and inflorescences still have to stand as the nutrients migrate back into the bulb and are stored for the next year. In the past year, have you noticed that your ornamental grass, e.g. the Chinese reeds no longer bloom profusely or have grown too big? Then it can now be planted out, divided and replanted. Important: Do not forget a small amount of fertilizer with horn shavings or garden compost when planting. PLANTING AND REPLACING PLANTS Even now, you can still wonderfully redesign and redesign your perennial beds. Not only the planting, but also the care plays an essential role in the perennial garden. The old perennials are to be freed from the dried up leaves and the soil between the individual plants is to be loosened. Plants that are too tight should be thinned out by removing one or the other perennial. Tip: Plant perennials and woody plants with unfilled flowers. This makes it easier for bees and other insects to get to the nectar. CARE OF THE POND From the end of April the pond can be cleaned. Every five to six years it makes sense to pump the pond empty and to clean it completely down to the bottom. Happy Easter! Modern floristry, wreath making, rental of silk horns, decorations and floral items for weddings. Owner: Christine Hesse Höhenweg 16 a Kaarst-Driesch Tel / Member of the Association of German Florists Federal Association Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun p.m. Mirko Waltermann_pixelio 8 Issue KA 2-19

9 CURRENT PR ADVERTISEMENT MEDITERRANEAN PLANTS IN FLOWER PARADISE ALSO AVAILABLE TO RENT Pomegranate trees, palms, yuccas, agaves, citrus trees Stefan Tolksdorf has a passion: Mediterranean plants. He offers these to his customers in a large variety in his flower paradise in Korschenbroich. For more than ten years, Stefan Tolksdorf has been landscaping and horticulture for private customers and major customers who have spacious facilities designed. I always wanted to bring a piece of Italy to the Lower Rhine, said the enthusiastic gardener. The southern plants can flourish in our region without problems if the frost limits are observed: And the plants are not as sensitive as one thinks. A Hesperaloe parviflora a desert plant can tolerate up to minus 25 degrees, an olive tree still ten degrees minus. Customers can view the plants in a greenhouse (approx. M²) and in a large open space. The selection is large and exciting. One example is a special requirement: A 200 year old olive tree that grew up at an angle due to a hillside location. Such trees are brought to Korschenbroich from Spain with their root balls. The boss imports all the plants himself from Spain and selects them on site. In Germany, he delivers the plants to the customer's house and supports them with the planting. The prices are quite moderate, a young pomegranate tree costs 25 euros, a one meter high Washingtonia around 40 euros. A major project in 2016 was the transplanting of a 2500 year old olive tree to the Kühlen district in Mönchengladbach, with root heating for the winter and an irrigation system. Stefan Tolksdorf doesn't just sell, he also rents: He supplies Mediterranean potted plants for decoration at weddings or company events or they decorate restaurants and beer gardens. Opening times: Monday to Friday from am to pm Saturday from am to pm FLOWER PARADISE Herrenshoffer Str Korschenbroich Tel .: / MAXGARTEN. Premium tools for garden professionals from Kaarst The first time you come into contact with MaxGarten articles, you will notice the massive processing quality. At MaxGarten you will only find high-quality articles, tools and components for your garden. The range includes gardening tools as used by professionals in gardening and landscaping: handmade spades, shovels, pendulum hoes, leaf rakes, rakes and hoes, secateurs, saws, axes, hatchets, workwear and protective clothing. All high quality products. No cheap mass-produced goods. THE MAXGARTEN IRRIGATION SYSTEM At MaxGarten we are particularly proud of our irrigation system. Here heavy-duty quality meets uncompromising design. Whether hoses, couplings, plugs, spray nozzles, sprinklers or hose holders, our range includes everything you need for professional watering of your garden. MaxGarten irrigation articles are low-wear, high-quality workmanship and user-friendly. All of our hoses are pressure tested to at least 20 bar! PR-ADVERTISEMENT OF THE MAXGARTEN-HOSE CONFIGURATOR Configure your irrigation system simply according to your needs in our online shop! Do you come from the Kaarst area? Then enjoy our on-site service and let us deliver and install your irrigation system free of charge. THE MAXGARTEN ONLINESHOP Convince yourself of our heavy-duty quality! Visit the Max Garten online shop and enjoy the advantages of ordering online: 5% new customer discount Free shipping from 100 euros 30-day return policy for free premium items from 50 euros order value. All products and articles are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. Are you an entrepreneur and want to shop at MaxGarten? With pleasure. Simply register in the online shop. You can conveniently and easily order 24/7 at MaxGarten via your customer account. We look forward to your visit to the online shop: Contact us: Phone: 02131 /,, facebook: issue KA

10 LATEST WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! We, Raiffeisenbank Kaarst eg, are a registered cooperative and are therefore different from other banks: we are a cooperative bank. With us, only customers can become members, i.e. partners. We are committed to them in a very special way. Our business activities are based on the interests of our members. This is also reflected in our cooperative advice. We do not focus on individual products, but on our customers with their goals and wishes. That is why face-to-face discussions are at the heart of our cooperative advice. We listen to our customers very carefully so that we can then clarify all questions and get a comprehensive picture of the customer's individual financial situation. PR-ANZEIGE get exactly the financial solution in every phase of life that brings you closer to your goals and wishes, says Martin Amann, CEO of Raiffeisenbank Kaarst eg. Take advantage of our cooperative advice! Come to one of our branches or make an appointment online via our homepage. And if you don't have time to come to one of our branches, you can also initiate your banking transactions directly online. You will find service orders on many different topics in the online branch on our homepage, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of where you are. Of course, we also take into account the current living conditions of the customer. Since we focus on the goals and wishes, we can ultimately find the offer that is the best solution for the customer. Then he knows what is possible, what is not and what can be done. Our cooperative advice is characterized by the fact that we advise honestly, speak to the customer in an understandable way and act credibly. This gives customers the security that they are in the main office: Neusser Str Kaarst office in Vorst: Kleinenbroicher Str Kaarst office in Holzbüttgen: in the flower field Kaarst GOOD HEARING. TO LOOK GOOD. Manuel Cortez wears Styletto Connect. A STYLISH APPEARANCE With the new Styletto Connect, hearing aid wearers are state-of-the-art and optically up-to-date: The compact battery shape enables a uniquely slim design. Three fashionable color combinations as well as the noble metal look make the new Styletto Connect a trendy accessory that people with hearing loss wear confidently and with pleasure. ALWAYS CONNECTED With the new Styletto Connect, hearing aid wearers always have their finger on the pulse. In the stylish, modern design, the Bluetooth functionality ensures maximum convenience. In this way, content from smartphones and TV can be reliably streamed into the hearing aids. The Bluetooth word mark and logo are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of this mark by Signia GmbH is under license. Other trademarks and names belong to their respective owners. ENERGY DAY AND NIGHT The powerful lithium-ion battery provides power all day long, including five hours of streaming. The mobile charger itself has a built-in battery. Regardless of cables or plugs, it supplies Styletto Connect with new energy up to three times. * 2017 OVP study at the University of Northern Colorado. It was investigated what influence Own Voice Processing has on the spontaneous acceptance of the first fitting of hearing systems. Further details: NATURAL SOUND QUALITY Thanks to the innovative Signia Nx technology, people with hearing loss benefit from natural sound and optimal speech understanding, even in noisy environments. Own Voice Processing (OVP) allows hearing aid wearers to perceive their own voice as they are used to. The spontaneous acceptance can be increased by up to 80% *. TRY Styletto Connect EXCLUSIVELY NOW! Do you want Styletto Connect the revolution NOW in sound, design, EXCLUSIVE streaming and TESTING! mobile la Do you want to experience the revolution in sound, design, streaming and mobile charging too? Then arrange a non-binding appointment for the revolution and in the sound, design, you sample the new streaming Styletto and Connect mobile free of charge. experience? Then arrange a non-binding appointment by xx.xx.2019 and try the new Styletto Connect for free. Hörgeräte Wensel Am Maubishof Kaarst Tel. Write to us: Call us at: Tel .: 01234 / Visit us on site: Hearing Acoustics Mustermann LOGO 10 issue KA 2-19

11 CURRENTLY FLOWERS ANTONS MORE THAN JUST FLOWERS Bianca Hermanns, granddaughter of the founder Walter Antons, runs a modern florist shop with a colorful range in Kleinenbroich. She took over the flower shop from her grandmother Anna Antons in 1996 and now runs it with her husband Rainer Hermanns. In addition to floristry, which includes decorations for weddings, funerals and other occasions, the two have been running a cemetery nursery since 2010. Sagittarians can leave Anton's flower horns on flowers or borrow silk horns. PR-ADVERTISEMENT Bianca Hermanns also offers her customers creative balloons for every occasion and an enormous selection, as well as gift items and unusual home accessories. To complete the program, the friendly couple and their team also offer tree felling work and a mini excavator rental for do-it-yourselfers. If it is a few meters further the path is definitely worth it. Floristry and home accessories Nordstraße Korschenbroich Tel / Fax 02161 / EVERYTHING FOR YOUNG PARENTS: MUTTERWERK The Mutterwerk shop in the Rathausarkaden is a real eye-catcher and therefore a popular meeting place for parents-to-be and young parents. Furnished with a lot of love and run by knowledgeable staff, there is a wide range to touch, try out and combine. In addition to a large selection of cute baby clothes and equipment, there is also fashion and chic shoes for older kids up to size 164. PR ANZEIGE Anyone looking for beautiful accessories, gifts and toys will find what they are looking for here. For this year's Easter market on April 7th and May market on May 12th, owner Andrea Hahn is again offering great offers. Quite a few bargains can be discovered during a relaxed stroll on the shopping Sundays. Opening times: Mon-Fri 9:30 a.m.-6: 30 p.m. Sat. MUTTERWERK Am Neumarkt Kaarst Tel .: 0171 / WELCOME TO THE WALKING GROUP OF THE DJK-HOLZBÜTTGEN SPORTS ASSOCIATION Everyone can enjoy physical activity - including you! If you do something against obesity and for your health, if you want to prevent diabetes and other diseases, it is best to start with endurance sports right away. For example, walking in a club group under expert guidance. Walking is concentrated walking in an upright posture with active arm use, is suitable for all age and ability groups and is an endurance sport that is gentle on the ligaments, tendons and joints. Mainly the foot, leg and pelvic muscles are trained. Walking is close to the natural everyday movement of walking, there is no need to learn a new technique. If you walk regularly and slowly increase the duration and intensity, you are on the right path to improving your fitness and health. Regular training increases PR-ANZEIGE the heart volume, lowers the blood pressure and the pulse and strengthens the immune system. Walking in a group has a positive effect on the psyche, promotes the balance between body and soul and is a communicative experience of nature: In summer we are out and about in the Vorster Wald, in winter we cross the fields around Holzbüttgen. In addition to the sporting program, we also have a social get-together. Are you interested now? We look forward to welcoming you to a trial lesson. Every walker is welcome. When: Every Tuesday from until 6:00 a.m. Meeting point: Parking lot at the Regiobahn terminus (S28) Kaarster See Info: from Brigitte Haustein (instructor): Tel. Issue KA

12 DATES LETTER FROM THE MAYOR DEAR READERS, I am always proud of the voluntary work in our city. Citizens of Kaarst are committed to something in many areas. They are organized in clubs, make sport and customs possible. They take care of the neighborhood and the neighborhood in the immediate vicinity. And they offer a helping hand when the need is particularly great. I will never forget how the Kaarsters mastered the refugee crisis together. On April 6th, hundreds of people from Kaarster set off again to make their city more beautiful on the 3rd Besentag. Voluntary of course, many have been actively involved for years. I would like to thank all of the volunteers for this. Ulrike Nienhaus As you can see, a lot would not be possible in our city without volunteering. If you would also like to volunteer, then visit the volunteer exchange in the Rathausgalerie on May 18th. Many institutions that are still looking for helpers introduce themselves there. I would be happy to see you there or at one of the other events in Kaarster Frühling. Sincerely yours, Dr. Nienhaus Mayoress APPOINTMENTS FOR KAARST MARCH DECLARATION OF COLOR BOX: Customs Event Health Info Children and Family Church Art and Culture Markets Sports Miscellaneous March 30th Saturday 11:00 am VHS: Yoga for the hormone balance Carry out gentle postures, breathing and relaxation exercises as well as touching meditation texts on the relaxation of body and mind in an energetic balance. You will achieve clarity, strength, contentment and joy, to strengthen the self-healing powers and to more happiness hormones. For all ages; please bring comfortable clothes, blankets and pillows / fee: 24.00 / vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Info at: or March Sunday 8:00 am Hike through the Reichswald From Kessel-Grunewald through the Reichswald to Kleve-Tiergarten. Easy route hike approx. 18 km; additional Short distance approx. 12 km. Contact person: Hans Bender (Tel .:), Rolf Missal / Meeting point: 8.00 a.m. in front of the small swimming pool, Alte Heerstr: 30.00 a.m. to get to know Düsseldorf ADFC: Bike tour along the Brückerbach and the southern Düssel through the south of Düsseldorf to Gerresheim and back / Route information: 60 km, speed: km / h, meeting point: Rathaus Kaarst, Am Neumarkt 2 / free for ADFC members, non-members pay 3, - pp, children are free. To the Hofcafé Alt-Bruch cycle tour network 55+ / route information: 80 km, km / h meeting point: parish center St. Martinus at the old town hall, Kaarst 11:00 am Easter market in Büttgen DieterSchuẗzPixelio At the Büttgen Easter market on the town hall square there is a lot for young and old! The Büttgen Interest Group (IG Büttgen) is looking forward to welcoming you to the Easter market ... maybe there are also hidden eggs ... who knows ?! For some years now, the Easter market has been dominated by the Büttgen craftsmen: They present their industry at demonstration and information stands and show new products and services. Sunday shopping in Büttgen / Information at: 11:00 am Children's flea market Children's flea market of the Catholic day-care center in Holzbüttgen: Goods pre-sorted by size and gender: Baby and children's clothing Wanted by semi-professional cover band Keyborder! We play rock & pop, current charts, as well as hits from the 70s and 80s Telephone issue KA 2-19

13 APPOINTMENTS, toys and vehicles, maternity wear and baby equipment. PayPal payment from 40, - possible! Also coffee, waffles and sausages.Location: Catholic parish center in Holzbüttgen 5:00 p.m. Music in Kaarster Churches Messiah (Georg Friedrich Händel): Oratorio in 3 parts for choir, solos and orchestra / Admission: 14.00, reduced 8.00, Lukas Church, Lindenplatz 6 , Holzbüttgen April 1st April Monday 9:00 am (K) an April Fool's Day Breakfast Network 55+; Cost: 3.50 / cathol. Parish center St. Martinus, Rathausstr. 12, Kaarst 6:00 p.m. VHS: Robots: Helpers or threats? Robots in everyday life: what is the technical behind the helpers? Where is the industry already using robots and why? What can 3D printers do and what are the developments? Lecture in the series Adventure Digitization. Fee: 8.00 / vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Information at: or 6:30 p.m. VHS: Philosophical walkers and spiritual nomads Philosophers and writers have set out again and again and have found the agility of their thinking closely linked to physical movement. In a figurative sense, the motif of breaking up, of getting out of the way, is one of the most popular metaphors in philosophy and literature. Hiking and walking stand for breaking away from dogmatic convictions ... Fee: 5.00 / vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Information at: or April Tuesday Büttger Treff Community center of the Protestant Johanneskirche, Novesiastr. 2, Büttgen 4:00 p.m. Visit to the HanMaUm Seon Buddhist Center The center in Kaarst is the only European branch and is managed by two Buddhist priestesses / Organizer: KKV-Kaarst, meeting point: Broicherdorf-Str: 30:00 p.m. Monthly meeting of Liberal Seniors NRW with an exchange of experiences Seniors Help Children and Seniors Help Seniors; VHS Kaarst, at school center 18, Kaarst 5:30 pm Architecture and artificial light Lecture Prof. Dr. Decker; Organizer PROBUS Club Kaarst; Location: House Broicherdorf, Johnens Tenne, Broicherdorf-Str. 57, Kaarst 6:30 p.m. VHS: The Catalan Conflict As a Spaniard from Catalonia, who has lived in Germany for 25 years, Moserrat Hältenschmidt reports on the Catalonia conflict from the point of view of a person affected. Fee: 5.00 / vhs- Haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Info at: or April Wednesday 09:30 am We hear fairy tales Wednesday morning conversation for women, fee: 3, - / Location: ev. Community center Grünstr. 5, Kaarst dementia consultation hour with Manfred Steiner, St. Augustine Memory Center Counseling Center, Location: Kaarster Town Hall, Am Neumarkt 2, Room U13. Registration required by phone: / or email at 3:00 p.m. Laughter Yoga for Seniors Costs: 3 euros; House of the Seniors, Alte Heerstr. 21, Kaarst 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm Kaarst cinema Albert Einstein-Forum, at Schulzentrum 16, Kaarst / information about the current film at 6:00 pm VHS: Quick-wittedness beats speechlessness Quick-wittedness can be learned! Tips and tricks for relaxed and confident quick-wittedness. Find strategies for work, everyday life and private life. Having fun trying things out is not neglected. Total fee: 55.00 / course duration: 2x (and); vhs house, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Information at: or YOUR CAR IS EXCELLENTLY INSURED WITH US. Our car insurance shines again and again in tests with top positions and top ratings. Office Hans-Christoph Kupp Bahnstr Kaarst Telephone The new Renault KADJAR SUV à la Renault. Renault Kadjar Life TCe 140 GPF from, * 16-inch steel wheels with wheel covers Pragma LED daytime running lights front Manual air conditioning Radio CD MP3 with Bluetooth hands-free system and Plug & Music Tempopilot with speed limiter Renault Kadjar TCe 140 GPF: total consumption (l / 100 km) : urban: 7.4; extra-urban: 5.1; combined: 5.9; CO 2 emissions combined: 135 g / km; Energy efficiency class: C. Renault Kadjar: total consumption combined (l / 100 km): 6.1 4.3; Combined CO 2 emissions: g / km, energy efficiency class: C A (values ​​according to measurement method VO [EG] 715/2007) Fig. Shows Renault Kadjar BOSE Edition with special equipment. Visit us at the car center. We look forward to you. AUTOHAUS PETER WELLEN GMBH Renault Authorized Dealer Gutenbergstr Kaarst Tel Telefax * 2 years Renault new vehicle guarantee and 3 years Renault Plus guarantee (extended guarantee after the new vehicle guarantee) for 60 months or km from first registration in accordance with contractual conditions Edition KA

14 DATES April 4th Thursday Literature Circle with Regine Krause As part of the neighborhood initiative for getting older in Büttgen, we cordially invite you to the Büttger Treff. Location: Community center of the Protestant Johanneskirche, Novesiastraße 2, Büttgen 5:30 pm What does liberalism mean today? Panel discussion Liberal Seniors NRW; Siebo Janssen, political scientist and Europe expert, lawyer Elmar Conrads-Hassel, top candidate in Europe for the Liberal Seniors NRW, Dr. Michael Terwiesche, lawyer and NRW candidate for the European elections / Location: Mercure-Hotel, Königsberger Str. 20, Kaarst; April 5th Friday 2:30 pm Senior Internet café Coffee, cake, help with questions about PC, smartphone; Cellar of the Ev. Youth Center, Lindenplatz 6, Holzbüttgen 5:00 pm Café International Meeting point for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees as well as German citizens; vhs house, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Tel .: /: 00 o'clock WDR4 sing (t) with Guildo In the shower, in the car, under the covers or in the stadium: Singing liberates and unites body and mind. Singing is magical! That is why WDR 4 and Guildo Horn invite you to the big sing-along concert WDR 4 sing (t) with Guildo. With his combo Die Orthopädische Stockings Guildo promises a shrill, weird sing-along journey through decades / Card: 25.30 euros, Location: Albert Einstein Forum, at Schulzentrum 16, Kaarst April 6th, Saturday Three-Broom Day Kaarst Has existed for 20 years It’s the three-broom day, and hopefully many people from Kaarster will also lend a hand this weekend to rid their city of rubbish and rubbish. Meeting points: Church square in front of St. Martinus (Kaarst); Marienplatz (Holzbüttgen); Schoolyard Pampus School (Holzbüttgen); Church forecourt (Vorst); Kirmesplatz (Driesche) / Organizer: Schützenbruderschaften of the districts VHS: My own podcast broadcast Starting your own podcast is not difficult and does not have to be expensive. Learn the tools to be a podcaster: What do I need for the recording? How do I put the podcast online? What do I have to pay particular attention to? What topics should I discuss? Fee: 30.00 / vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Info at: or 11:30 am Exhibition Lilo Jusczyk On the occasion of her 80th birthday, the Kaarst-based artist Lilo Jusczyk is showing a small selection of the works she has created over the years; Atrium Rathaus Kaarst, at Neumarkt 2, Kaarst 12:00 noon VHS: Repair Café in Kaarst Exchange between volunteer repairers and citizens seeking advice who receive free help with defective items. The hospitality of the guests with coffee and cake ensures a pleasant setting and bridges waiting times. Free of charge / vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Information at: or VHS: New! Workshop: Slow Photography In the seminar, the digital camera is used deliberately as if there were still the limitations of the past. Slow photography sharpens the eye for possibilities of image composition, leads to a deeper understanding of photographic fundamentals / brightness, contrast and range of contrast: measure, interpret and control. Total fee: 39.00; Course duration: 2x (Sat, Sun); vhs house, Am Schul zentrum 18, Kaarst; Information at: or Flea market All about children Children's clothing, toys, initial equipment, vehicles Day care center Lichtenvoorder Str. 37, Büttgen 7:00 p.m. Author reading with Ulrich Harbecke on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of kfd Kaarst / Location: Parish center St. Martinus, Rathausstr . 12, Kaarst 8:00 p.m. Long live the voice 20 years of Viva Voce / ticket 23.10 euros / Albert Einstein Forum, at Schulzentrum 16, Kaarst (2nd event on April 7th) April 7th Sunday 11:00 a.m. Kaarst Easter Market Kaarst Retail invites you to the 12th Easter Market for the whole family: A colorful market takes place from Neumarkt to Maubishof. Artisans and dealers present work and decoration ideas for the house and garden. You can look over the shoulder of artisans as they work. In addition, gastronomic offers and hands-on activities for children; with Sunday shopping from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. / Kaarst town center 11 a.m. Kaarst real estate day Whether singles, couples, young families or seniors - at Kaarst real estate day in the Kaarst town hall gallery, everyone who is looking for their own four walls awaits extensive range. From used properties to new buildings and land, for rent, for sale or purchase, there is something for everyone / Rathaus-Galerie, at Neumarkt 2, Kaarst 11:00 a.m. Tennis information: Open house is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Open day at the SG Kaarst tennis facility; with a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the clubhouse and presentation of the renovated premises / Location: tennis facility, at Kaarster See 4, Kaarst Photo: S. Hofschlaeger / pixelio Mühlen-Café Worth knowing and seeing in the BraunsMühle; At Braunsmühle 2, Büttgen 3:00 p.m. Urmel hatches from the egg On the island of Titiwu, Professor Habakuk Tibatong teaches animals to speak. Then something unexpected happens: a large iceberg is washed onto the beach. There is an egg in it, out of it hatches a primeval melon ... / tickets: 6.50 euros / municipal secondary school, Halestr. 5, Kaarst 3:00 p.m. Büttger Treff Community center of the Protestant Johanneskirche, Novesiastr. 2, Büttgen 14 edition KA 2-19

15 DATES April 9th ​​Tuesday 9:00 am Initial consultation Kaarster VdK Rathaus Kaarst, Am Neumarkt 2; Room 13, basement 4:30 p.m. Jour Fixe Kaarster Reading Partner, vhs-haus, at school center 18, Kaarst 5:00 p.m. Discussion group for caregivers, neighborhood initiative Büttgen, in the community center of the Protestant Johanneskirche, Novesiastr. 2, Büttgen 7:00 pm Postage stamp exchange evening Postage stamp friends Kaarst, guests welcome; Bischofshof, Königstr, Holzbüttgen April 10, Wednesday 09:30 am Healthy nutrition and digestion with regard to the elderly Wednesday-morning discussion for women, fee: 3, - / Location: ev. Community center Grünstr. 5, Kaarst Consultation hour of the volunteer center atrium of the Kaarst town hall, Am Neumarkt 2, Kaarst 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm Kaarst Städt cinema. Realschule, Halestraße 5, Kaarst / information about the current film at 6:00 p.m. VHS: NEW! Origami, the art of folding paper: Easter When it comes to handicrafts for Easter or spring, the art of turning a square sheet of paper into a small work of art is called for. The Korean lecturer Hee-Ja Kim-Plegge explains the basics of Asian paper folding and helps with the craftsmanship. Fee: 18.00 / vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Info at: or www. April 11, Thursday Job café for women The Mönchengladbach Employment Agency and the job center, in cooperation with the municipal equal opportunities officer in the Rhine district of Neuss, will be offering a so-called job café from 2019: In a pleasant atmosphere and at over a cup of coffee you can have a casual conversation and develop new professional perspectives together / location: art café EINBLICK; old Heerstr. 15, Kaarst 3:00 p.m. Büttger Treff Community center of the Protestant Johanneskirche, Novesiastr. 2, Büttgen April 12, Friday 5:00 p.m. Café International Meeting point for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees as well as German citizens; vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Tel .: / April Saturday 11:00 a.m. Cycle tour to Uda Castle (Oedt) With a guided tour of the tower of the old castle on the Niers / Route information: 50 km, speed: km / h, meeting point: Kaarst Town Hall, Am Neumarkt, Kaarst / Free of charge for ADFC members, non-members pay a fee of 3, - pp, children are free. Easter bazaar kfd St. Martinus Kaarst, Rathausstr. 12, Kaarst (also Sunday, April 14th from 11 am) April 14th Sunday The Hülser Bruch in spring cycle tour of the network 55+ / 65 km / meeting point: Parish center St. Martinus at the old town hall Kaarst Mühlen-Café Interesting facts and sights in the BraunsMühle; An der Braunsmühle 2, Büttgen April 15, Monday 9:00 a.m. VHS: Last Minute Abitur preparation German Exam-relevant topics for the Abitur class 2019 (basic and advanced course). Suitable for everyone who wants to summarize the most important topics before the final exam. Total fee: 62.00, course duration: 4x (Mon-Thu) / vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Info at: or www. VHS: The cult of collages Gluing for art A variety of collages and objects can be made from pictures, texts, packaging, scraps of paper and found objects. We make substrates, work with paint, glue, shape and layer. For 10 to 14 year olds; Total fee: 47.00, course duration: 4x (Mon-Thu) / vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Info at: or www. 12:45 p.m. VHS: Last Minute Abitur preparation English crash course with exam-relevant topics for the Abitur class 2019 (basic and advanced course). Suitable for everyone who wants to summarize the most important topics before the final exam. Total fee: 62.00, course duration: 4x (Mon-Thu) / vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Information at: or April Tuesday Büttger Treff Community center of the Protestant Johanneskirche, Novesiastr. 2, Büttgen YOUR FAMILY-FRIENDLY PHARMACY IN KAARST As a certified, family-friendly health center, we offer an all-round service for babies and pregnancy. Our special offer: A discreet room for breastfeeding and changing babies in a cozy atmosphere. Free care products are available. Our team provides comprehensive and competent advice on all questions in the field of health, as well as alternative and complementary healing methods. Katrin Pape & Regina Heusgen Maubisstraße Kaarst T F Edition KA

16 DATES April 16, Tuesday Spieletreff 55+ in Büttger Treff, community center ev. Johanneskirche, Novesiastr. 2, Büttgen April 17th Wednesday day trip to Maria Laach and Lava - Dome Senioren-Union Kaarst / Contact: Dagmar Klammer- Brauns Tel (and Ingrid Wolf Tel (5:00 pm and 8:00 pm Kino Kaarst Städt. Realschule, Halestraße 5, Kaarst / Information about the current film on April Friday 5:00 p.m. Café International Meeting point for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees as well as German citizens; vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Tel .: /: 00 a.m. Music in Kaarst churches Music and reading on Good Friday; Lukas Church, Lindenplatz 6, Holzbüttgen April 21, Sunday Mühlen-Café Interesting facts and sights in the BraunsMühle; An der Braunsmühle 2, Büttgen 3:00 p.m. Bike tour to the Easter bonfire in the region Bike tour of the Network 55+ / 40 km / meeting point: parish center St. Martinus at the old town hall Kaarst April 24th Wednesday 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm Kino Kaarst Städt. Realschule, Halestraße 5, Kaarst / information about the current film on April Thursday breakfast talk Seniorenunion Kaarst, Café Tockloth, Ba hnstr. 11, Büttgen 3:00 p.m. Büttger Treff Community center of the Protestant Johanneskirche, Novesiastr. 2, Büttgen 4.00 p.m. Consultation hour of the volunteer center atrium of the Kaarst town hall, Am Neumarkt 2, Kaarst 7.00 p.m. VHS: Art in the Vorster Wald excursion in the evening vhs Kaarst-Korschenbroich and the Verein für Kunst am Nordkanal e.v. lead to three works of art in the Vorster Wald - the large-scale sculpture bridges over the north canal by Wilhelm Schiefer, the art installation Geheimeichten by Monika Nelles on the forest workers' house and the traffic light box by Till Hausmann. Free of charge, registration required. Information at: or April Friday 4:00 p.m. Reflection: Nursing and senior support in the Büttger Treff, community center ev. Johanneskirche, Novesiastr. 2, Büttgen 5:00 p.m. Café International Meeting point for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees as well as German citizens; vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Tel .: /: 00 o'clock Cocktail evening on the occasion of: 100 years of kfd Kaarst / Location: Parish center St. Martinus, Rathausstr. 12, Kaarst April 28th Sunday 8:00 am Rureifel hike between Kall and Nettersheim. Moderately difficult circular hike about 18 km; additional Kurzstr. approx. 12 km / contact person: Kaarst hiking group, Bernd Schumacher (Tel .:), meeting point: 8.00 a.m. in front of the small swimming pool, Alte Heerstr. 79, Kaarst Cycle tour Kloster Kamp Cycle tour of the network 55+ / 90 km / meeting point: Parish center St. Martinus at the old town hall Kaarst Mühlen-Café Interesting facts and sights in the BraunsMühle; An der Braunsmühle 2, Büttgen, April 30th Tuesday Breakfast Discussion Seniors Union Kaarst, Art Café Insight, Alte Heerstr. 16, Kaarst 5:30 pm Spurt into May For the 40th time the wheels are turning at the international track race in the Sportforum Kaarst-Büttgen / Olympiastr. 3, Büttgen 7.30 p.m. Dance in May of the St. Jakobus Society and the Junge Gute Laune Kaarst / Location: Parish Center St. Martinus, Rathausstr. 12, Kaarst / Tickets advance booking 6 euros, box office 8 euros Eselpark Zons visitor day April 28th from 10 am The whole team is ready to answer any questions about donkeys. Donkey park Zons Aldenhovenstr. 100 Dormagen Zons 16 Issue KA 2-19

17 MAXGARTEN.DE - ONLINESHOP DATES May 01 May Wednesday 09:30 am Street race Organizer: VfR Büttgen / Radsport; Info on bike tour kfd Kaarst Bike tour to the footfalls and crossroads in Kaarst with Konrad Wilms, suitable for families and the young at heart, followed by a picnic in the parish garden of St. Martinus. 11:00 am opening of the track at the Kaarster See sports facility The opening of the track at the Kaarster See sports facility traditionally heralds the start of the outdoor season for Kaarster athletes.For men, women, youth and schoolchildren (from U12) Where: Stadium at Kaarster See; Organizer: Athletics department of SG Kaarst 11:00 am Zu Bolten's picnic beer garden Organizer: Network 55+ / Route information: 40 km, km / h / Meeting point: Parish center St. Martinus at the old town hall Kaarst May 2nd Thursday Literature group with Regine Krause Im As part of the neighborhood initiative to get older in Büttgen, we cordially invite you to the Büttger Treff. Location: Community center of the Protestant Johanneskirche, Novesiastraße 2, Büttgen 6:30 p.m. VHS: Radiance & body language A healthy radiance and knowledge of body language contribute to personal well-being, let you go through life more relaxed, appear more confident and attractive. In the seminar you will find out how you can turn on your good charisma - at any time. Total fee: 43.00, course duration: 2x (und) / vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Info at: or May Friday 5:00 p.m. Café International Meeting point for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees as well as German citizens; vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Tel .: /: 00 o'clock VHS: The artist behind the Mona Lisa - Leonardo da Vinci lecture on the 500th anniversary of da Vinci's death; by Dr. Gisela Luther-Zimmer: Leonardo da Vinci is the brilliant universal artist, innovative in painting and anatomical drawing, revolutionary as an engineer as well as an art theorist. This lecture is dedicated to this ideal of the Renaissance man, which aims to touch on life and its extensive spectrum and presents some of his most famous works of art. Without registration, fee: 7.50 / vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Info at: or www. May 4th Saturday Plant exchange exchange Plant exchange exchange of NABU Kaarst with exchange of surplus garden plants and seeds to preserve the diversity of plants and insects (purchase against donation possible). Location: Museum Tuppenhof, Rottes 27, Vorst, information: de or Tel / At the weekend to the Tuppenhof Experience life like 100 years ago in a rural house and in the historic farm garden, observe the fauna and flora on the Tuppenhof. / Saturday 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., with coffee and cake, Tuppenhof rallye, play tractor ... Location: Rottes 27, Vorst / info at 3 p.m. VHS: Vive La France Enjoyment and play in the city park. French way of life and culture anyway. That is why we are celebrating a festival in the city park with everyone who is interested in the French language. Free of charge / Kaarst City Park, La-Madeleine-Allee; Info at: or 3:00 p.m. VHS: Keyboard Orchestra Anniversary Concert The keyboard orchestra of the vhs Kaarst-Korschenbroich is celebrating its 25th anniversary together with a Dutch course with a performance of popular melodies. Free of charge / vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Info at: or 8:00 p.m. Music in Kaarster Churches Sacred choral music from four centuries with the modus novus chorus, Aachen / Admission: 12.00, reduced 8.00 / Location: Lukas Church, at Lindenplatz 6, Holzbüttgen 20: 00 o'clock but please with without cabaret with Martin Zingsheim; Tickets: 20.90 euros; Tel .: /; Location: Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium, Am Holzbüttger Haus 1, Kaarst Photo: Tomas Rodriguez May 5th Sunday VHS: Wild herb hike From the meadow to the table We collect certain wild herbs, which we then use for a spring menu and taste with relish. Fee: 19.00 + 4.00 material costs / vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Information at: or 11:00 a.m. VHS: Giving and receiving feedback Dealing with praise and criticism can be learned. The seminar is about important communication rules and new ways of giving and receiving feedback. You will learn to recognize the signals and gestures of the other person, to be clear, to react confidently and promptly - in work and everyday life. Fee: 43.00 / vhs-haus, Am Schulzentrum 18, Kaarst; Information at: or PROFESSIONAL QUALITY FOR YOUR GARDEN Never again dripping or leaking connection pieces! YOUR BENEFITS: Configure hoses individually online and have them delivered to your home fully assembled and checked for leaks Can be used immediately, no assembly of the individual parts required Assembly service on site according to individual needs possible at any time Quality Made in Germany MAXGARTEN Ludwig-Erhard-Str Kaarst T: E: Issue KA