Do vegans harm animals

25 arguments against a vegan diet

Animals kill other animals too

That's right. But! Kill lions and other animals to survive. If you don't, they'll die. Humans, on the other hand, kill animals for food, textiles and other things without this being absolutely necessary. Human survival would also be assured if he did not kill animals.

In addition, animals behave differently from humans in many things. Lions, for example, smell each other best when they greet each other. So if you use the lion as an argument for your meat consumption, at your next interview you should just ...

Humans are the end of the food chain

What is the food chain actually? It is a model for depicting the material relationship of different species. In short: who eats whom? The food chain thus forms a natural cycle of different species.

Artificially raising animals that are tortured, mutilated and exploited in captivity has nothing to do with a food chain. It has nothing to do with preserving the ecology of our environment. Humans are not the end of the food chain, but abuse their position of power at the expense of animals.

Our ancestors have always eaten meat too

Our ancestors did many things that we no longer do today. Here is a post on our Facebook page. Follow us there for more content.

Humans are omnivores

Man can live perfectly healthy without eating meat. A wholesome plant-based diet is definitely healthier than a diet with fish, meat, dairy products and eggs. For this reason, despite the ability to metabolize animal products, you should limit yourself to a plant-based diet.

Eating meat is healthy

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies processed red meat as a level 1A carcinogen. Incidentally, this is the same level as smoking or plutonium. The consumption of other animal products is also directly related to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or dementia. In our interview, Dr. med. Henrich gave a great insight into the health benefits of a plant-based diet. Read now!

It's a personal choice

It can hardly be a purely personal choice if that choice demands a sacrifice. In addition, the decision also has numerous effects on the environment and thus on all living beings on this planet.

Most people eat meat

And as we were able to learn painfully from history - just because many people do something, it does not mean that it is right or morally justifiable. Do you really want to be a part of it?

Eating meat helped humans develop in this way

Even if this were so, from the current point of view there would still be no reason to continue eating meat and exploiting animals for it. In addition, most scientists agree - it was not the consumption of meat but the ability to cook that had a major influence on human development.

Plants can also feel pain

N0pe! They don't. Plants do not have a nervous system, pain receptors or a brain. All of these things are necessary to be able to feel pain.

Farm animals are bred to be killed

That's right. And this is one of the biggest arguments for and not against veganism. Livestock farming has numerous negative effects on our planet. We breed more than 50 billion animals annually worldwide, and this for 7.6 billion people. The United Nations expects 9.5 billion people by 2050. If animal breeding increases in proportion, it would have a devastating effect on our lives.

Furthermore - Would you make the same point about human slaves bred for slavery from birth?

Do you already know our Animal Kill Counter?

If everyone were vegan, farm animals would overpopulate the earth

That all people switch to a vegan diet overnight is unrealistic. The whole thing is a process. As the demand for meat gradually falls, fewer livestock will automatically be raised. Supply and demand. An overpopulation of farm animals would be excluded.

Animals would eat us too if they could

Most of the animals raised for food are herbivores. They would therefore have no interest in consuming people. The animals that eat our meat would only do so to ensure their own survival. Humans, on the other hand, systematically exploit animals, although this is not necessary.

Humans are superior to animals

Consider in what? Man is clearly more intelligent than animals. He has excellent communication skills and an imagination that no animal can. But! Animals have other abilities in which we humans are clearly inferior. And there are also differences between people themselves. We have intelligent people and not so intelligent. We have strong people and weak people, and so on. What happens when one group oppresses another? We have experienced this painfully several times in human history.

The animals I eat are already dead anyway

Of course. But why is the animal dead? Because there is a demand for it! Since you eat the meat, you are part of the demand and therefore directly responsible for the death. The greatest power that the consumer has as an individual is the power of his money. What do you spend your money on. It's your choice.

The dairy industry does not harm the animals

Where does the milk come from? Usually from cows. When does a cow "give" milk? While pregnant or after. How does the cow get pregnant? She is regularly forcibly inseminated. After the calf is born, it is either bred to a new dairy cow by humans or killed directly in the case of male calves. After an average of 4 years, the milk production of the suckler cow decreases and she is also killed. The natural life expectancy of a cow is 20 years.

But plant-based milk can be so healthy and delicious!

The egg industry does not harm the animals

On average, a chicken in the wild lays a maximum of 20 eggs per year. A farmed chicken has a figure of 300 per year. The chickens usually live in a confined space. In laying batteries or crammed together with several thousand of their kind. Even organic does not mean that fewer chickens are housed. According to the EU organic regulation, up to 3,000 chickens can live in a common barn.

The same applies to chicken as to dairy cows. As soon as the egg yield decreases, the chicken is killed. Since male chickens do not lay eggs, the chicks are killed immediately after birth.

I only buy organic, free-range or locally from the farmer

Even an organic chicken, pig or cow does not want to die. Even if the animal was bred under "appropriate husbandry" it does not justify slaughter.

The animals are humanely killed

No you won't. They are just not being executed quite as painfully as they were a few decades ago. How do you feel about humane killing if it is a cat or a dog instead of a cow or a pig? Maybe even your own animal. Or how about a person?

Human means human. The word implies emotional intelligence and compassion. The killing of another living being is therefore in no way classified as humane.

If you really believe in humane slaughter of animals. Then what about humane slavery or humane rape? Does this go together?

Many people would lose their jobs if we all became vegans

No they won't. The jobs are not abolished, but exchanged for others. It would be absurd to think that fewer jobs will be needed as a result of a purely vegan future. For example, dairy farmers could produce plant-based milk and today's butcher sells plant-based sausage instead.

Furthermore, have you ever heard someone say they won't quit smoking because the poor people in the tobacco industry will lose their jobs? Hardly likely!

Human rights are more important than those of animals

More important to whom? For you or for the animals? Here we are again with the idea of ​​human superiority. To have more value and therefore more rights. But how important are people actually? If we were to banish a living being from this earth that does the most harm. Which one might it be? Right, man! The environment and animals would suddenly be better off as soon as humans were no longer residents of this planet. Humans are of no importance for the global ecosystem. On the contrary - if all bees die out overnight, our entire ecosystem will collapse and human survival would be difficult to imagine.

So we are no more important than another way of life and therefore no longer have rights. But what we have is power. And we are currently abusing this at the expense of the environment and animals. You can find out why animals have rights and schnitzel are bad for the climate in the book Why? Why? Vegan! by Hilai Sezgin.

It is not possible to live 100% vegan anyway

Indeed, in some cases this is true. But it's not about being the 100% “super vegan”, but about reducing the suffering of animals and the negative impact on the environment to a minimum. The more people decide to do this, the faster and more effectively it can be ensured that the world is relieved. That leads us straight to the next point.

It makes no difference whether I live vegan or not

In our vegan calculator you can see directly what an impact a month as a vegan has on the environment. Try it! It is really amazing. So it plays a crucial role how you decide. In addition, you always have a direct influence on the people around you and can inspire them positively. This is how the snowball gets rolling.

Not everyone can be vegan

There may be very rare cases of certain food intolerances. However, this usually does not play a role in your personal decision. In our interview, Dr. med Henrich also takes a very clear position in favor of a plant-based diet for everyone.

Hitler was a vegetarian

This statement is not 100% verifiable. Many historians assume that Hitler's propaganda is to portray himself as more peaceful for the population. Gandhi was the model for Hitler at this point.

But even if Hitler was really a vegetarian, this is certainly not an argument against a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Vegan is expensive

No it doesn't have to. True to the motto “Save the meat”, we have provided evidence in our article “One week vegan for less than 25 euros”.


There are many arguments against a vegan diet. None of them are durable. Anyone who seriously and with a free spirit deals with the topic should recognize this. For further information, we recommend the following documentation and books on the subject:

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