Can we do the cafeteria test online?

Free IQ Test Online - How Smart Are You?

IQ Tester - how good are you at analytical thinking and logical reasoning? With the help of the free IQ test on Sü you can almost reliably determine how high your intelligence quotient is. The IQ test contains 86 Questions and takes about 60 Minutes, it contains verbal, numerical and pictorial tasks in six different intelligence tests.

This is how the free online IQ test works

To get a reliable result, work calmly and with concentration. Since the test is carried out under real test conditions, it is not possible to interrupt or continue the online IQ test at a later date. Please ensure that you only start the test if you have enough time and are not distracted.

Each sub-test is illustrated by one or two sample tasks. This is followed by the test tasks that you have to solve within the specified time. For most of the online IQ tests, you select the correct solution from the given answers; for the arithmetic problems in the IQ test, you type in the result by hand. After each individual task, you can see whether the solution you have chosen is the right one.

Your evaluation of the online IQ test tells you how you did in the six different subtests and compares your results with the average results of the other test participants.

At the end of the IQ test, you will receive your personal evaluation with your age-related IQ value free of charge.

Have fun and good luck!