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Fidelity in Germany

Fidelity International has been active in Germany since 1992, employs around 350 people and looks after customer assets of EUR 56.2 billion. Fidelity brings together one of the leading fund companies in this country and one of the largest independent fund banks with FIL Fondsbank GmbH (FFB).

In the asset management division, Fidelity manages a fund volume of 29.2 billion euros in Germany. Fidelity International offers 160 mutual funds in Germany, which are sold through more than 1,000 cooperation partners. In addition, investors can purchase funds from Fidelity and third-party providers through independent financial investment brokers, selected savings banks and banks, as well as directly from Fidelity.

We offer institutional investors actively and passively managed mutual funds, institutional mandates, special funds and tailor-made portfolio solutions that cover all regions, sectors and asset classes. In the area of ​​company pensions, we offer companies solutions for both performance-related pension plans ("Defined Benefit") and contribution-based pension plans ("Defined Contribution"). In the area of ​​contribution-based pension plans, our offer includes in particular investment solutions and complete solutions with CTA, custody account service and employee accounts for the fast-growing market of time accounts and defined contribution pension schemes for national and international employers and their employees.

The FFB concentrates solely on services related to investors and their investment goals. Its services are aimed at financial advisors, investment companies, insurance companies and banks, who can buy and hold more than 8,000 funds and over 800 ETFs from over 200 domestic and foreign providers via the platform. FFB looks after assets of 30.8 billion euros in around 650,000 customer accounts.

Data as of March 31, 2021