Why is poop important

Frequent or infrequent bowel movements: How often is healthy?

How long does a healthy bowel movement normally take?

Defecation should be in a few seconds to minutes be done when you are healthy and everything is flowing. Then you have to hardly press, the chair comes completely painless and automatically when you relax the sphincter. Sessions that are too long are not good for the hemorrhoids here either, as this sitting posture literally clamps the hemorrhoids off and thus leads to blood congestion in the vessels. To make emptying easier and to bring the rectum into a vertical position, it is advisable to keep your feet on a small one when defecating stool to deliver. The southern European toilets for squatting down are therefore ideal for the best possible defecation.

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Some people are probably wondering whether long sitting can be healthy at all. Unfortunately it is even a sedentary job or activity is not particularly good for our hemorrhoidal blood vessels. Especially since a lack of exercise generally has a negative effect on our bowel movements and thus digestion. Getting up more often and stretching your legs - ideally in the fresh air - is therefore healthy to keep body and mind as well as our digestion going.

About the expert:Ulrike Schäfer successfully completed a three-year training as a naturopath in Munich and learned a variety of naturopathic therapies. Since 2014 Ulrike Schäfer has been working as a naturopath with her own practice in Hamburg with a focus on microbiological therapy and intestinal rehabilitation as well as hypnosis.