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Mu (h) t to the grass ...

Beauty tips for the weekend

Here comes the advertising - today: Beauty tips for the weekend.

Bertha and Paula spared no effort and dangers today and broke into the vegetable garden for you. There the two succeeded in further optimizing their grass diet, which had already had significant rejuvenating effects, especially for Bertha. The combination of “All sorts of good things from the raised bed” and “Swiss chard” is currently being tested extensively in animal experiments, even against the vegetable gardener's declared protest; however, the first results are promising. Bertha, Schafoma in the fourth spring, is now not only happy about fuller, shiny hair ("Let it live with Grahahaaaas"), but also about the anti-aging effect of the vital vegetables that are consumed daily in several doses ("We love food") .
The youth brigade, whose hair is still black, is currently relying more on blackberries.

Let's say:
Swiss chard. - Because we're worth it.

Burkhard Werner

Pardon: The death penalty is converted to "life"


Hartmannsdorf (Muht Press). A long almost family drama came to an end in the meadow today: a sheep that had been sold from its wool family to foreign countries many years ago and henceforth lived its life as a companion of a pony, was surprisingly transferred to the meadow today. It had committed several criminal offenses at home: In addition to the abuse of grass in numerous cases, property damage and confusion also came up for negotiation.

The verdict, pronounced in spring, was “death by stabbing”, but could be suspended again in the literally last second: The commissioned executor was initially canceled on the evening of the planned execution, about two hours before the appointment. - An on-site appointment by the Muht zum Gras appeals office revealed the possibility in principle of converting the death sentence into a “life-long flock of sheep”, but the animal's family surprisingly objected and kept the penal sheep itself on probation. - With the approaching winter however, the problems reemerged, and the family withdrew the sentence.
The Appeals Committee therefore rushed to avert the death penalty again today. The sheep that had committed a criminal offense was taken away by a police officer and the responsible meadow guard and taken to the meadow today to serve the life sentence in the herd.
Moritz, head meadow supervisor and herd manager, took the new girl into the group and first explained the meadow law to her. MariettaDieKugel then took care of the integration into the troop. “I don't understand what she's saying, she speaks some foreign language,” said Marietta, “but we can get it right with our understanding. I will stay close to her and help her to find her way around. ”“ Finally someone who is even bigger than us ”, Anni and Nanni were happy in unison. "You feel like Heidi Klum right away!" "Klumbum," mumbled Alma Von Stollberg. "Gradually, these innovations are enough, you can hardly see through!"
The new one, who was given the name "DasSchaf", tried hard not to attract attention. "I really don't break anything anymore," she whispered dejectedly. "I never wanted that, but I was so confused and somehow not myself."
Brigade wool was appointed by Moritz to be the new sponsor brigade. "You are now showing her the meadow and we are all together the proper life," he ordered.
During this address a team of horses drove past the gate. The sheep shouted something of "like me" and ran with the fence until it was over. “Completely crazy, we have to teach him how to fish first,” groaned Marietta and looked for the textbooks.

We'll keep you up to date.

PS. Dear DasSchaf, we wish you a good arrival on this exciting day after this dangerous six-month period and many, many beautiful days in society that you need. Horses, you know, aren't ruminants at all. Welcome to us - welcome to life.

Burkhard Werner

Meadow dwellers

Today we would like to introduce you to a “couple” of the other meadow dwellers who peacefully share the terrain with our sheep and are busy building their homes.
While we build fences around the entrances of underground builders in an extremely cumbersome way, of course, so as not to block their paths, the Ameise family decided in spring to build their domicile right in the middle of the sheep's paradise. Now we are amazed every day at the building speed of the six-legged architects (by the way: "The majority on Terra had six legs." - Wilson in "Schrödinger's Cat") and are quietly happy that other beings can have safe living spaces here as well. - We'll tell you about the lizards and toads later.

Burkhard Werner

Almost certainly without rape: Boheumian Rhapsody. (The Meadow Queen)

Hartmannsdorf (Muht Press). A collective sigh of relief from humans and animals came today on the holiday in the meadow "Schaf ahoy": The resourceful staff of the mowing brigade "GrünJaGrün" really managed to get another 4 bales onto the meadow in times of no longer available hay reserves. Where this dry grass blessing came from will forever remain the secret of the grass dealers; the meadow dwellers, however, saw it with joy. “We were quite concerned that the feed chamber would really last through the winter,” Nala admitted. "The fat ones here have a decent basal metabolic rate, so some nice sheep like to be left behind."
"And after the promised delivery didn't come yesterday and we were still hoping until late at night, the mood was pretty depressed," explained Sabse. "But now the winter hay is dry." "I am SO glad that my herd is REALLY solidly secured now," said Moritz. "I can save myself this secret hanging of the fences - the girls will NOT starve!"
"Solid - big - reassuring," said Anni and Nanni in unison after a thorough quality control of the new supplies. “I'm gradually starting to believe that our children won't have to go hungry in their first winter,” said Skudden twin mother Matilda, very touched, and furtively wiped a tear of relief on her mother's soy. "It's a MIRACLE," whispered Kuller in awe.
The “Sixes move around the world” department was also reassured. "We are really satisfied with little," said Alma, "but it is good to know that we can now do a little more!"
Nevertheless, the Cameroonians looked a little skeptical at the autumn storm. “We'll still take care of the year-round bacon, you never know. Better round than grass-clipped. Then you won't get blown over so quickly. "
Only Bertha and Lola continued to rest in themselves. “Since we've been here, our lives have changed so much that we have complete confidence in the people here. There has never been another day of hunger or thirst, the chains on the neck are history, the roofs over our heads are easily enough for everyone, and we no longer have to see that we are somehow getting on so badly, "said Lola, police sheep of the meadow . "I will definitely be well looked after in my 18th winter too," said Bertchen, who was also very confident. "And I'm already looking forward to the fresh spring green next year."

We'll keep you up to date.

PS. No life without a sponsor - in the name of the mower family, we would like to thank everyone who supports us here. Together with you, we always achieve the impossible - even in times of great price increases.

Burkhard Werner