How do you keep cynicism at bay

The new green cynicism

When Sigrid Maurer locates an "act of sabotage" in the Federal Council, she has probably forgotten what opposition means. On the other hand, you really don't need a body that can only delay laws.

"Happy is someone who forgets what cannot be changed." The Greens could take the quote from times when the word bat was more of an operetta than a virus carrier.

Instead of staying calm, even though four turquoise-green legislative packages were rejected by the red-blue majority in the Federal Council, Green Club chairwoman Sigrid Maurer is angry. “I cannot understand why the opposition is adopting such a blockade position here. I see this as a cynical act of sabotage, ”she explained to the“ Tiroler Tageszeitung ”.

Now, after criticism from the opposition, the coalition has actually improved the epidemic law. And even as a politician, you can get angry from time to time. But to call it a “cynical act of sabotage” when the Federal Council is only exercising its constitutional rights? Imagine what would have been going on if the FPÖ had talked about the rights of opposition parties like this during the reign.

Politically, the meaning of what happened is wanting to end anyway. Because next week the National Council will pass a persistent resolution. And then the turquoise-green laws come into force anyway. This shows the minor importance of the Federal Council. As long as the National Council does not intervene in the powers of the federal states, the Federal Council can only block laws, but never prevent them. A second chamber is not needed for a week to two months delay. So either you give the Federal Council more rights or you abolish it right away.

But we really shouldn't blame it for the fact that the Federal Council is exhausting the possibilities it has been given. Otherwise that's cynical in itself. And for the Greens, who are ruling for the first time in the federal government, the following applies: "Happy is someone who forgets how it is in opposition."