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Translation of "parti" in German

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Mon parti défend les intérêts des Néerlandais.
My Political party is a party that represents the interests of the Netherlands.
Le parti est anti-parlementaire et autoritaire.
The Political party had strong anti-parliamentary and authoritarian features.
Il devient alors permanent you parti.
This became a permanent burden for them Political party.
Le parti est une organization interdite.
The Political party was not banned as an organization.
Aide-nous et le parti t'aidera.
Help us, then she will help Political party to you.
Ce parti devient ensuite le parti unique.
Only then did the transformation into a unified one take place Political party.
Initial element le parti s'est inspiré you parti communiste de Grande-Bretagne.
Originally the Political party politically from the communist Political party Britain's inspired.
L'autre parti politique hongrois parle de modernization.
In Hungary the other is political warehouse talked about modernization.
Do it parti sans me réveiller.
You are wentbefore I woke up.
Je serai content quand il sera parti.
I would be happy if he finally did to die would, in all honesty.
Mon colocataire est parti sans payer le loyer.
My roommate is escapewithout paying his share of the rent.
J'étais parti chercher ma femme.
Postes ça quand je serai parti.
Put it in the mailbox when I do went am
Dis-moi quand l'émissaire sera parti.
Tell me when the emissary will our ship leave Has.
Maize je serai parti avant votre arrivée.
But I won't more here be when you come.
Il est parti depuis une heure.
Il est parti, avec ses amis.
That was of course humiliating to the guy he's with his friends disappeared.
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