Previous life regression therapy may treat narcissism

Graduated psychologist Ulf Parczyk

Procedures and methods

Reincarnation therapy / regression therapy

(I am trained in the following methods, but no longer apply them explicitly:
Client-centered conversational psychotherapy (GwG), autogenic training, EMDR)

Why clearing or regression therapy?

By accepting past experiences, we become freer for the present. For this I use Spiritual Deep Therapy: Regression Therapy & Clearing to get to the causes of the problems.

I am happy to accompany you with my professional (twenty years) and life experience (cough .. years :).

Contrary to the image in the media, regressions are not esoteric sensations, but - seriously operated - serious and profound therapeutic means for psychological development on all levels.

With the help of regression therapy, we work on today's problems and crises, experience their causes and integrate them in this way. By working on and detaching from the inhibiting aspects of past experiences, you come to liberation from burdens and insights about your present and future.
In addition, you become aware of the function, the meaning that a respective symptom has, and you can consciously and freely decide for or against it.
But above all, you can do the emotional and traumatic ones

Energies that are perceived as foreign, which often intensify symptoms and could be disruptive and obstructive in development and further therapy, are processed in the clearing.
Furthermore, if you want, you can work on your still open topics independently to a certain extent through individual emotion exercises after the sessions, you will not be left alone afterwards.

In therapy we tackle problems together on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. I am there with all my experience and empathy!
Have a look at my extensive website, with a lot of information, exercises, audios, blog etc etc ..

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For whom?

I am pleased to be able to offer you this profound psycho-spiritual work with which I have been working exclusively for twenty years.

I work individually with adults. A prerequisite on your part would of course be openness, but also the will and curiosity to approach obstacles in this way, i.e. to deal with unpleasant content of your own unconscious. I do not use relaxation or hypnosis for this. Nor does it need a "creed" in any direction to use regression therapy.

The most common problems people come to me about are relationship problems, fears, depression, 'blockages', psychosomatic complaints, burnout, and difficulties at work. However, this therapeutic work cannot be restricted to certain limited symptom areas.

I would also be happy if you visit my website for a lot more information, articles and free downloads. Or if you have any further questions, just contact me directly (an orientation call is free of charge) - you can find the details here at the top of this page.
I am looking forward to our collaboration!

Graduate psychologist,
Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, certificate of approval dated November 30, 1992, issued by the Frankfurt / Main health department

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