Is Kerastase the best hair care brand

The 10 best shampoos for 10 hair types

Well, that was a test! A really long beauty test that I didn't complete alone this time. Because: I'm going to show you the 10 best shampoos for 10 different hair needs today and had to ask my sister (she has finer and drier hair than me) if she can help me test products. We both quickly had our favorites and in the end, you can almost equate it with a cure, great hair.

A rule of thumb for hairdressers says: When choosing a shampoo, you should pay attention to your scalp and not to its length - you can actually get it back with good care (conditioner, mask, etc.). I say: that's true, but not always. I have a more sensitive scalp and I have to choose accordingly, but we all know the effect that a good shampoo can have on hair lengths. I think you have to take into account special needs (dandruff, greasy roots, etc.) and still look at what's going on in the lengths (lack of volume, very dry tips, etc.) and then also adjust the care accordingly.

Some shampoos are also real all-rounders and do not irritate the scalp while they give shine. I think it's really amazing how many shampoos there are now on the market and I want to show you my favorites, which I like very much at the moment. The hair changes, you shouldn't forget that and so you will probably always be on the lookout for THE perfect shampoo ...

Curly / wavy hair:Love Shampoo Davines
I doubt whether shampoo can have a positive effect on the wave of the curl. But curling shampoos donate a lot of moisture, maintain elasticity in the hair and tame the frizz that natural waves often bring with them. The Noto almond, which is rich in proteins and is said to give the hair a lot of strength and moisture, works in the Love Shampoo from Davines. I love the foam this shampoo produces! I always have the feeling that the hair is specially cleaned and stays moist.

Oily hair / oily roots:Melvita - Gentle Lemon & Rosemary Shampoo
Many women (and men) who suffer from real oily skin, unfortunately, also have a very oily scalp and thus a quick relubrication approach. In extreme cases, everyone may have their panacea - I love the gentle Melvita shampoo for oily hair when I have a phase where my roots always seem greasy. Last summer I used this shampoo every now and then and can recommend it to anyone to freshen up their hair.

Broken hair:Susanne Kaufmann - Shampoo Repair
My new discovery: the Repair Shampoo from Susanne Kaufmann. It smells wonderfully fresh, lathers (although it is a natural shampoo) and conjures up really wonderful hair. My sister was also enthusiastic - it already feels great in the shower and is particularly good for stressed hair types. It is supposed to fill in small cracks in the length and is a boon for colored hair. I would say: a real all-rounder that everyone will like. Big love!

Very dry hair:Schwarzkopf - BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Shampoo
Great shampoo for dry hair that does not weigh down and makes hair shine again with prickly pear oil. Great: you don't necessarily need a conditioner, unless you have very long hair. After drying, the hair is very soft and supple, like after a visit to the hairdresser. Top!

Dandruff: Bioturm dandruff shampoo
A tiresome subject: dandruff! I suffer from it every now and then and have tried a lot, but today I would like to introduce you to my new favorite: the natural shampoo from Bioturm. The packaging is mega and really a piece of jewelery in the bathroom - but the shampoo also convinces otherwise with its gentle formula and effectiveness. Before taking tougher measures, I recommend this bottle to you.


Frizzy hair: Kérastase - Discipline Bain Fluidealiste Shampoo
I am sure that there are already some Kérastase fans among you. Lots of hairdressers work with the brand and I have used the shampoos myself for years. A real all-rounder is the Discipline Anti-Frizz Shampoo, which is suitable for many hair types. It gives volume, strength and shine and makes the hair easy to comb after washing. The bottle could be more manageable, but then that is whining on a high level ...

Fine hair:L’Oréal Hair Expertise - Imposing strengthening
Sure, fine hair will unfortunately always stay fine, but you can trick a little fullness. With this shampoo, the name says it all: impressive strengthening. The fragrant gel with rosamine oil makes fine hair feel stronger and fuller after washing and blow-drying. Unfortunately, it doesn't last forever, but it's a great result for a day or two.

Hair that is getting thinner: Phylia - Clean
Ever heard of Phylia? The whole brand is trained to stop hair falling out and thinning. In addition to the clean shampoo, which I can say that it simply makes beautiful hair, there are two special solutions, Connect and Re-Connect, which contribute to regeneration and cell renewal. I know people who have told me about real beauty miracles from Phylia. Unfortunately not for the small budget, but maybe the solution for those who really struggle with this problem.

Brunette hair: Toni & Guy Cleanse - Shampoo for Brunette Hair
Shampoo for different hair colors make them shine again - whether natural color or coloring. For example Toni & Guy's shampoo for brunette hair, which is available from many hairdressers. I like to use it twice a month to do something for my natural hair color. For blondes I can recommend the new Sheer Blonde line from John Frieda, which is now also available in Germany. A friend tested it for me on vacation and came home with the most beautiful blonde she has ever had. The sun is certainly to blame for this, but she was completely enthusiastic about the push effect of the products.

Sensitive / irritated scalp: Davines: Calming Shampoo
I have often given away when the grief (on the scalp) was great - the Calimg Shampoo from Davines. Sounds like a strange gift, but my friends always appreciated it. Because not only the bottle is super chic, the contents let you breathe easy. The irritated scalp is soothed with essential oils (be careful if you can't tolerate them!) Made from patchouli, and anti-inflammatory agents bring any excitement on the scalp to subside. A great product for the sensitive!