Is peeling good for sensitive faces

Face and body scrubs: application and types

A caressing peach skin, a rosy complexion and fine pores. We reveal why weekly Peels for face and body are part of the beauty program.

Rub and feel good: peelings

The word "peeling" comes from English and means peeling off. With peeling products, the cleansing effect of surfactant preparations by adding easily abrasive, so rubbing off, more effective Additives increased. These are fine, granular rub-off substances of natural or synthetic origin. Microcapsules loaded with oil are also used as grinding tools. With the help of these abrasive tools, horny and dead cells are “abraded” from the skin surface in a chemical and / or mechanical manner as gently as possible. At the same time, the skin is massaged and blood circulation is improved. Goal: The skin becomes smoother, supple and elastic, its appearance finer and fresher.

It's easy to use

  • Thefacewill be cleaned. Then the peeling is applied to the moistened face, neck and décolleté with circular, gentle movements. Face brushes or Massage gloves intensify the effect. Finally with water rinse off. After the peeling, a rich facial skin care moisturizes the skin.
  • For thebodyrecommends aShower cream peeling. This contains micro-fine peeling granules and valuable vitamins, which gently and effectively remove dead skin cells directly while showering.
  • Not suitable are peelings for removing make-up. On the other hand, a peeling is recommended about eight to twelve hours before using a self-tanner.

Peels can once or twice a week can be used as a supplement to daily cleaning. By the way, the regular use of peelings does not make the skin thinner or age faster. The treatment will only be dead skin cells removedthat are already in the process of being detached. In addition, the care substances can help relax and soothe the skin.

Different shapes

Peels are in Gel and cream form offered. There is also Exfoliating soaps as soap-free wash bars with peeling effect. Depending on the formulation, the products are tailored to the special needs of dry, oily or combination skin. Others are for all skin types.

  • Peeling gel: This is an easy one foaming Gel with fine-grained Exfoliating substances and a refreshing effect. It can be used in between for deep cleansing and gently frees the skin of dead flakes. The rubbing effect stimulates blood circulation and usually makes the skin look more vital and fresher.
  • Cream peeling: Can for all skin typesCan be used after normal cleansing, even for very dry skin. It also supplies the skin of the face with fat and moisture binders when it is massaged in. The peeling balls often consist of synthetic granules, which are then rinsed off again. They are made from polyethylene and nylon. Your advantage: They are evenly rounded and therefore relatively gentle on the skin. Sometimes there are also ground peach kernels or jojoba wax balls in it. The latter are massaged into the skin until they dissolve completely. Ground peach stones have a less even surface. Other natural rub-off substances are, for example, almond bran, sea sand or kaolin, a rock rich in alumina that soaks up excess fat from unclean and combination skin.
  • Exfoliating soaps: are mostly transparent Soaps that are enriched, for example, with grated nutshells, dried wheat, thyme or algae. Other products contain ground loofah, which is made from the solid fibers of a tropical type of cucumber. The contained glycerine binds water as a moisturizer and prevents the skin from drying out too much.
  • Exfoliating Pads: this is where the active ingredients are in packed airtight Cleaning pads. They are only activated when you open them. The pads are moistened until they foam, then the skin is massaged with them. The aim is to make the complexion appear clean and smooth. Another effect: the subsequent care is better absorbed.
  • Sensible skin: People with sensitive skin as well as inflammatory skin conditions should avoid mechanical peelingsand switch to other variants. One is ideal for sensitive and mature skin grainless peeling with enzymeswhich break down the cement substance between the horny lamellae of the skin and loosen flakes. These peelings are applied like a cream and washed off after an exposure time.
  • Peeling for men's skin: are also available for the special needs of men's skin, which differs significantly from that of women. Men have very robust skin with large pores, which usually produces a lot of fat and tends to become horny. Often the skin is shiny, especially on the chin, nose and forehead; the pores clog easily. Peelings can also help against this, as can blackheads or ingrown whiskers. They also prepare the skin very well for the wet shave. The blade slides more easily over the peeled skin, so there are fewer scratches or fine cuts. Exfoliants for men are called soap-free wash bars Offered with a light peeling effect, as peeling gels and as two-in-one peeling for body and face. The latter suits the male preference for the practical and uncomplicated.

Our cosmetic tip: If peelings are used regularly, wrinkles, scars, pimples and skin blemishes are reduced and their formation prevented.