What's the strangest animal call

Spooky lynx cries during the mating season

In order to charm the females of the animal kingdom, frogs croak, crickets chirp and birds chirp.

But little compares to the noise a male Canadian lynx makes when defending a female partner.

Amos Wiebe, a photographer in the Canadian city of Grande Prairie, heard these strange noises himself the other day when he encountered a trio of lynx on a remote logging road.

Wiebe was actually looking for Rocky Mountains pygmy owls when he suddenly noticed movement in the trees.

"Suddenly I saw a commotion," he says. "These two lynxes literally flew up the trees."

Wiebe was able to park his truck and fight his way through the deep snow to capture the acrobatics of the wildcats on video.

“I've never seen a lynx do anything like this before. It was as if he had just sucked himself on the tree, ”recalls Wiebe. "You just climbed up there like it was nothing."


According to Shannon Crowley, what looks like a cat scream fight offers a rare glimpse into the mating behavior of predators. Crowley is a wildlife ecologist from the John Prince Research Forest in British Columbia.

Given the size of the wildcats and their whiskers, Crowley concludes that the two animals in the tree are males. And even if he can't be sure about the third lynx that doesn't appear in the video, it's probably a female.

"In order to see this type of aggression, there has to be a female somewhere in the immediate vicinity," he says.