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The 9 best Android cloud apps - all smartphone data safe

For many iPhone and iPad owners, Apple's iOS is clearly one step ahead when it comes to system and data backups. Using the internal settings, you can create a complete image of your devices including all accounts, documents and configurations and store it on the standard 5 GB iCloud. Photos can be synchronized via the iCloud photo library, for example, and all other data can be saved via iTunes in combination with a Mac computer.

But what's going on with Google's in-house operating system? The sobering truth is that the company has not yet presented a way of storing a complete backup on the Google Cloud. That is, among other things. remember that about App data on Android devices is generally encrypted in this way programs with standard rights will not have access to them. So, for example, to be able to reload the scores of your favorite mobile game even after a system crash, you need root access.

Unlocking a smartphone in this way has some advantages but also disadvantages - above all the loss of the warranty, which is why you should carefully reconsider this step. That may also be the reason why the larger manufacturers of Android cloud apps don't mention a word about app storage via the root function in their product descriptions.

If you decide against it, you can at least set the Google data backup to synchronize your contacts, calendar entries, e-mails and your Gmail account with all other end devices connected to your Google account - provided, of course, you have one.