How were ETFs founded


iShares by BlackRock is the ETF division of BlackRock and the leading provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with more than 800 ETFs and assets under management in ETFs of more than 1.5 trillion US dollars. IShares ETFs benefit from BlackRock's expertise: With assets under management totaling $ 6.317 trillion (BlackRock, as of March 31, 2018), no other asset management company is entrusted with any more money. BlackRock was founded in New York in 1988 by eight partners, four of whom are still with the company today. Since then, BlackRock has grown from a start-up to a market leader thanks to the steadily growing number of its customers and employees and the acquisition of other asset managers.

At a glance

  • Established in 1988
  • Listed on the stock exchange since 1999; NYSE: BLK
  • Independent without a majority shareholder
  • Around 13,500 employees
  • Over 2,500 investment specialists
  • Offices in over 34 countries and 25 investment centers around the world

Independent asset manager

BlackRock shares have been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1999 under the ticker symbol "BLK". In April 2011, the company was included in the S&P 500 Index. This is not only an expression of BlackRock's market value, but also reflects the high free float of the stock. BlackRock is an independent publicly traded company with no majority shareholder. PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. has a minority interest in BlackRock. The remaining shares are in the hands of institutional and private investors as well as BlackRock employees. The majority of BlackRock's Board of Directors is independent.

Brief history of iShares ETFs

The iShares EURO STOXX 50 and the iShares STOXX Europe 50 are the first two Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) to be launched in Europe at the beginning of the millennium. After this initial listing on the stock exchange in Germany, iShares ETFs expanded rapidly across Europe and now cover all unit classes such as stocks, bonds and alternative asset classes such as infrastructure and private equity.

In order to meet the demand from investors for cost-effective and transparent investment opportunities, we are constantly developing the range of iShares ETFs. We are continuously expanding our product range in order to continuously expand the investment offer for our clients with low-cost investment instruments, taking local needs into account.

The globally managed assets of ETFs grew rapidly after institutional and private investors alike discovered the combination of advantages of ETFs - such as versatility, transparency and their significant cost advantages. The global ETP assets of all providers were approximately $ 4.825 trillion * in March 2018. Exchange-traded index funds also ensure high liquidity for professional investors, which enables a wide range of investment strategies to be implemented quickly. Today, more than 300 iShares ETPs are traded across Europe, and iShares is the world's leading ETF provider. *

* Source: BlackRock as of March 2018