What's the worst online booking app

Which travel apps and websites are the best - and the worst?

Traveling can become a veritable odyssey. It's good that there are a myriad of travel apps for those who love to travel and those who are disoriented alike. The possible uses are not limited to the search for accommodation, restaurants or sights. Some apps can help you discover the travel destination through the eyes of a local. And some apps just don't deliver what they promise - like the restaurant in the city center that has been advertised as delicious.

Planning, languages ​​and city tours

At the beginning of a trip there is coordination. Apps help to create to-do lists and check off any tasks. Accommodation is booked through portals such as Airbnb or Booking, TripAdvisor provides an overview of what to do and a list of restaurants or pubs rated by us for a successful gin and tonic in the evening. Web versions of well-known travel guides such as Lonelyplanet also give tips on where to eat well and cheaply.

For other travel apps, the journey is the goal: Not only can cars be booked, but petrol stations with the lowest prices can also be found, traffic jams displayed or - if you are traveling by public transport - the next connections can be called up should you miss the train .

City guides such as CityMaps2Go then help you to find your way around the unfamiliar environment. Currency converters and voice assistants are useful tools so that you don't have to worry about yourself on site. And if you want to feel like a local, you can install Spotted by Locals. In the app, you can call up insider tips from locals, which are presented to an unknown place beyond the tourist hotspots - for globetrotters who want to move away from the crowds.

The offline functionality of the apps is also relevant for travelers. Switching on the Internet abroad can become a cost trap - roaming is not free everywhere, as in EU countries. That's why travel apps should work without WiFi and internet access.

Which travel apps are essential for you?

Which application makes travel planning easier for you? Do you have any insider tips up your sleeve aside from the classics? Which apps do you use again and again when you are on vacation? Is it important to you whether an app also works offline and without roaming? Which app or website did not meet your expectations? (rec, 7.7.2017)