Can covert narcissists show empathy

6 traits by which you can recognize a covert narcissist

2. Hardly any excuses

The same applies to excuses as with charm: covert narcissists can only admit something if it benefits them. Discussing with covert narcissists is a wasted effort. You always have to be right, giving in is an offense. So when an apology comes up, it's only if they want something from you immediately afterwards.

3. Attributions of debt

A special feature of covert narcissism is a lack of responsibility: Affected people do not take any responsibility for their own misfortune, it is always the other's fault. All of their unhappiness seems to result from the actions of other people, they are the supposed victim.

4. Envy

Covert narcissists always want what others have. This also means that they cannot show gratitude - neither for material things nor for empathetic people in their environment. Others always have things better than them. At the same time, however, covert narcissists also believe that everyone is jealous of them.

5. Criticism

Just like the exhibitionistic type, people with the hidden type are actually extremely insecure people. Exhibitionists cover up the insecurity by pushing themselves to the fore with apparently positive traits, while covert narcissists tend to try to feel better about themselves by making others feel bad. You are overly critical and fundamentally devalue the work of others. People around covert narcissists often feel stupid and insignificant.

6. Negative feelings

When they feel bad, they pass the negative feelings on to those around them. Not only that, covert narcissists feel better when you're feeling bad.