Are Levi's good jeans

Are Levi's jeans of good quality?

Hello my dears.
I wanted to get a Levis soon and wanted to ask beforehand what your experiences have been with Levi's jeans?
Are they of good quality?
And what else do you have for jeans brands that are of good quality?

You have Levi's jeans for "your entire life". But as with any other brand, you can be unlucky. Buffalo sometimes has really resistant shoes, for example, but I still had to send a pair in after 4 weeks because the sole had come loose ...

Well, I think Levi's jeans are worth it. But I can't guarantee anything.

... I have Levis jeans, I've had them since I was 18 and now I'm 36 and I still have them ... Levis is a bit more expensive but the quality is great :-)

It is definitely worth it. In the meantime I only buy expensive jeans because you simply have a lot more of them .. They don't go out of style either;)
Lewis, Replay, Wrangler ...
You can also have a look at outlet stores

My mother only has levis jeans and they last for years ^^ the color fades, but you can dye them again and again ^^

Hey So I haven't had a good experience with Levis. For me, they were always broken much, much faster than, for example, pants from H&M (although I wear those from H&M a lot more).
Therefore, don't buy expensive pants anymore.

of course it's worth it.
otherwise great are pepe, replay, g-star, denham, nudie ...