How was cybersecurity invented

Reinvent cybersecurity

With one of the most advanced and multicultural research ecosystems in the world, the European Union has the means to meet the challenge of digital security. For this reason, the SPARTA research initiative was created to pursue an ambitious roadmap for research and innovation in the field of computer and network security. With its research results and innovations, it will continue to guarantee Europe's strategic autonomy in this area.

The competence network SPARTA brings together a unique group of actors at the interface of scientific excellence, technological innovation and the social sciences in the field of cybersecurity. The comprehensive H2020 initiative aims to rethink the way future research will be conducted in the sensitive and systemically relevant area. SPARTA also aims to create a permanent research community that works closely together to further develop solutions for better cybersecurity and effective prevention against cybercrime.

Individual teams of experts will pool their knowledge and develop joint research lines. The formation of the world's leading European competence centers will play a central role in this. As a committed member of the steadily growing consortium with currently 44 partners from all over Europe, fortiss SPARTA supports those areas with its research that are extremely important for Europe's sovereignty in cybersecurity.

The Bavarian State Research Institute is mainly responsible for the areas of safety (functional safety) and security (IT security) and is working on the development of a toolkit for a highly secure, intelligent infrastructure. fortiss competence field manager Dr. Vivek Nigam and his team develop computer-aided methods and processes for the systematic integration of safety and security in software and system development.