What happens to items that are not sold at Target



1. I have completed my order but have not received a confirmation. What can I do?

It can take up to 30 minutes to receive your order confirmation. Please also check your spam folder. If you have still not received a confirmation of your order after this time, please contact our support at [email protected]


1. I did not receive the tickets I ordered or the wrong number of tickets. How do I proceed?

Please contact [email protected] in good time so that we can take care of your case - unfortunately, complaints can no longer be processed shortly before the event or on the day of the event.

2. How long does the delivery of the tickets take?

As soon as we can record your payment in the order, your tickets will be printed by an automatic process and released for dispatch.

With standard mail, it can take up to 7 working days until you have the tickets in your hands.

3. Can I buy Print @ Home and Softtickets in one order?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to book Print @ Home and Soft / Color tickets in one order process. In such a case, please place separate orders.

4. In which format do I have to print out my Print @ Home ticket?

A printout in black and white on white A4 paper is sufficient. It is important that the print is clearly legible. If you fold the Print @ Home-Ticket, please pay attention to the fold marks so that the barcodes in particular are not bent.

5. Can I give away tickets and have them packaged?

Yes, you are welcome to buy a gift box with your tickets. You can add the gift wrapping when you are in your shopping cart.

6. My tickets haven't arrived yet. What now?

As a rule, we will send your cards together with the delivery note by post and the consignment will be delivered to your mailbox by Deutsche Post. You will receive an email notification on the day your shipment is dispatched.

Please note:

• Due to different delivery times, the arrival of your mail can be delayed by up to 7 working days in exceptional cases.
• If you have chosen to ship by registered mail or express, we will inform you of this by e-mail in our dispatch notification and also give you the corresponding shipment number. You can then track the route of your shipment on the website of the respective shipping service provider.

If you do not receive your shipment 7 working days after we have received our shipping confirmation by e-mail, please contact customer service at [email protected] so that we can make an inquiry and discuss the further process with you.


1. Can I still change or cancel my order?

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to change or cancel your order. Automatic processes ensure that the tickets are reserved for you directly after the order has been sent.
Exchange, rebooking or cancellation of tickets will not be accepted by the organizers on whose behalf we are acting. You will be clearly informed of the binding nature of your order during the ordering process.

2. What does "not available" or "not available" mean?

The display "Currently not available" means that the ticket contingents available to us are currently exhausted. We try to get new contingents from the organizer.
The label "Not available" refers to the fact that the event is imminent and the tickets can no longer be delivered due to the short lead time.

3. I have placed more than one separate order; can these be subsequently merged in order to save shipping costs if necessary?

Since the ordering process, the recording of incoming payments and the printing of tickets is an automated process, orders can unfortunately not be merged.
Please do not include any shipping costs, otherwise the order has not been paid for in full and the tickets cannot be dispatched.

4. What happens to my data?

Your entered data, which you provided when registering, will only be collected, processed and used for the purpose of establishing the corresponding contract, for contract execution and processing and for billing purposes.

5. Can I return my tickets (in case of illness or similar)?

Unfortunately it is not possible to return the tickets. Automatic processes ensure that the tickets are immediately reserved in our web shop after the order has been sent.
Exchange, rebooking or cancellation of tickets will not be accepted by the organizers on whose behalf we are acting. You will be clearly informed of the binding nature of your order during the ordering process.

6. Can I choose my seats directly in the seating plan?

A booking in the seating plan is possible for many events using the "seating plan" button. Selected places are shown in green, places that have already been sold are shown in gray. You can also see the price categories offered in the seating plan.

When booking several tickets, contiguous seats are automatically offered, if available. If you want separate seats, you will have to place several orders.

Please note that "JavaScript" must be activated in your Internet browser in order to be able to use the seating plan booking.

7. Is there a group discount and how can I order more tickets than the maximum number?

A maximum of 8 tickets can be purchased per order. Unfortunately, we do not offer a group discount. However, there are various promotions that can include group discounts. You will then find this shown directly under the ticket offers. If you want to buy more than 8 tickets, you have to make several order processes.

8. Can I also order my tickets by phone or email?

No, it is unfortunately not possible to order tickets by telephone or by e-mail. Tickets can only be booked via the online booking system.
In exceptional cases, for example in the case of wheelchair spaces, we often provide separate order channels.

9. Do children, schoolchildren, students, senior citizens or people with disabilities receive discounts?

If there are discounts, you will be informed about this at the events on our homepage. These can be selected in the shopping cart for the individual ticket items. Please note that no discounts can be granted after an order has been placed. Please also take into account that proof (e.g. student ID or handicap ID) may be required.

With the so-called best seat booking or for events with free choice of seats, simply select the desired number of tickets and then in the dropdown fields that appear for each ticket, select “pupil / student” instead of “normal price”. In the case of seat-specific booking in the seating plan, the discount is selected after the desired seats have been selected in the seating plan.

In other words: 1. Select the desired seats at the normal price in the seating plan, 2. In the next step in the shopping cart, select the discount instead of the normal price for the corresponding tickets (via the text link "change"). If no discount can be selected, this space cannot be booked at a reduced price.

10. I am / look after a wheelchair user. How do I get the relevant tickets?

Booking tickets for wheelchair users is quite complicated because it is handled differently by different local operators. Therefore we cannot offer such seats in the ticket shop ourselves. Please write an e-mail to [email protected], our customer service will contact the local organizer for you or arrange a contact. Sometimes corresponding contact telephone numbers or e-mail addresses are also stored in the event.

11. I have status "B" in my disability card for taking an accompanying person with me. Does this get a free ticket?

Please send an email to [email protected] so that we can put you in touch with the local organizer to clarify this question.


1. How can I pay for my tickets?

The payment options vary from event to event. We usually offer the following payment options:

• Credit card
• Instant bank transfer
• Prepayment / transfer

Occasionally, you can only pay by credit card for an event (for example, if the event is about to take place). Payment options where you have to present your data are carried out with certified providers, so that these methods are completely secure.
For all payment options, your order will only be processed after receipt of payment. We therefore ask for your understanding that when sending the payment method "transfer" it can take between 5 and 10 days before you have your tickets in your hands.

2. How does the payment by bank transfer work?

After completing the order, we ask you to transfer the outstanding payment amount to the specified account within the next 7 days. Please note that our bank details and the purpose of use must be specified correctly, only then can a quick allocation of your payment to the order be guaranteed. After receipt of payment, the order will be processed.

3. How does payment by credit card work?

After selecting the credit card payment method, you will be asked to enter the name of the credit card holder, the credit card number, the expiry date and the verification number. Therefore, have the relevant data ready. The amount will be deducted from your credit card immediately.

4. How does the payment by instant transfer work?

After selecting the payment method SOFORT Überweisung, you first complete the booking and will then be forwarded to the website of our partner SOFORT Überweisung. You need an online bank account with activation for the PIN / TAN procedure. Please have your complete online banking access data ready. After successful payment you will come back to our shop.

5. Is it possible to pay in installments?

Payment in installments is unfortunately not possible.

6. Do I receive an invoice for the tickets I have ordered?

As a technical service provider, we are unfortunately not authorized to issue an invoice, so please contact the local organizer.

7. I placed an order but my payment was abandoned. Now the places are no longer available. How can I book this again?

If the system has registered a payment cancellation, the affected places are automatically released again by the system after approx. 2 days. We then recommend booking with a different payment method so that a problem does not arise again.


1. Can I have my tickets insured?

Yes, you can have your tickets insured in case you cannot go to the event for any insured reason.

If you have any questions about insurance, please contact HanseMerkur directly:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +49 (0) 40 - 4119 0
Fax: +49 (0) 40 - 4119 3257