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"I'm glad Steve Jobs is gone"

Richard Stallman, founder and head of the Free Software Foundation, made very provocative statements about the death of the Apple founder on his blog. "Steve Jobs, the pioneer who turned computers into a cool prison to separate fools from their freedom, has died. And as the Chicago Mayor said of corrupt predecessor Daley, 'I'm not happy he's dead but I'm glad he's gone. '"

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Nobody deserves to die, not even jobs, and not even people to blame for greater evils, Stallman said. "But we all deserve an end to Jobs's disastrous influence on people's computer use. Unfortunately, that influence remains in its absence. We can only hope that his successors, trying to carry on his legacy, will be less successful."

Stallman's statements were controversially discussed in the open source scene and in the media and Stallman was in some cases heavily criticized. The open source activist Larry Cafiero calls on his blog "Larry the Free Software Guy" to leave the Free Software Foundation. "His rash reaction doesn't help the free software cause, it just does a lot of damage"wrote tech journalist Joe Brockmeier at Readwrite Enterprise. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes names the post at ZDnet"by far the craziest"what he heard about the death of Jobs.

Many people around the world are mourning the loss of Jobs, who died on October 5th, 2011 at 3:00 p.m., as evidenced by the death certificate that has now been issued. The cause of death was respiratory failure because the pancreatic cancer had spread to other organs. Jobs was buried in an non-denominational cemetery in Santa Clara County on October 7, 2011.

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At Apple's headquarters on October 19, 2011, a job-only memorial service will be held. Company boss Tim Cook announced this in an email to the employees.