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Change is omnipresent and yet it has a special effect in one place: the bathroom. Because here we wake up and switch off. We clean ourselves, recharge our batteries, reinvent ourselves - every day.

White Tulip by Starck

With White Tulip, Philippe Starck has created his first complete bathroom from a single source. The unusual shape of all components of the series follows the organic silhouette of a blooming tulip and unfolds through an almost sculptural character. Philippe Starck has chosen two style worlds with a multitude of design options for White Tulip: "Nature" for fresh and nature-inspired bathrooms and "Culture" as an expression of urban sophistication.
Clean result thanks to the best performance. A new era of cleanliness begins with HygieneFlush. The innovative flushing technology developed by Duravit impresses with its extremely powerful flushing flow, which cleans the entire inner surface of the toilet perfectly and without splashing.

Happy D.2 Plus - c-bonded and world first, c-shaped

Happy D.2 Plus

Ceramic and furniture surface combine to form a perfect whole.

Happy D.2 Plus

World novelty: exactly parallel shape of ceramic basin and furniture without protrusion or recess.

Iconic design meets innovative technologies: With the patented, further developed c-bonded process and the patent-pending world novelty c-shaped, Happy D.2 Plus now offers even more individual washing area options.

Happy D.2 Plus

Bathroom hygiene - standards redefined

Visible and invisible contamination lurks in the bathroom in particular. Duravit offers a variety of products and features to optimize bathroom hygiene for a new, comfortable way of feeling good!

Do you fancy a new bathroom?

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Duravit bathroom ceramics

Duravit bathroom furniture

Cabinets, substructures, shelves, shelves, roll containers, lighting - perfectly matched to the Duravit series.

Bathroom furniture overview

Duravit bathtubs and showers

For all room situations: corner, back-to-wall, built-in and free-standing bathtubs.

Bathtubs and showers

    Ideas for your bathroom

    Fresh impulses and fascinatingly diverse bathroom worlds.

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