What is the cleanest city in Bulgaria

Top 10: The cleanest cities in the world

1. Singapore Considered the cleanest city in the world: Smoking is prohibited in large parts of the city, as is eating on the subway or chewing gum. The sidewalks are scrubbed daily by cleaning staff and "Spitting forbidden" signs are popular souvenirs.

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2. Vienna In an Irish study the cleanest cities in Europe were examined and Vienna came in second place. The authors of the study found the waste watchers to be particularly noteworthy, as they always keep an eye on the city to stay clean.

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3. Riga The winning city of the trial was Riga. Not only the center, but also the suburbs were clean! The biggest problem in the city was the stubborn chewing gum sticking to the floor, which is very difficult to remove - the next time please throw it in the trash and the city will be cleaner.

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4. Calgary Several rankings have given the Canadian city an award for cleanliness. The recycling efforts and the strict waste regulations in connection with high fines are paying off.

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5. Bern Switzerland is considered to be the second cleanest country in the world and has strict regulations in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. The city of Bern in particular can convince with its excellent water quality and can therefore be considered the cleanest city in Switzerland.

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6. Oslo In no other city are there as many electric cars as in Norway's capital. Norway wants to be CO2-neutral by 2050 and offers its citizens incentives to buy, and car charging is also subsidized by the state.

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7. Honolulu Honolulu in Hawaii has excellent air quality. Honolulu has also been named the world's most hygienic city for waste disposal and water quality.

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8. Adelaide Recycling is very important in the Australian city! Almost 85 percent of the waste generated is recycled. So you won't find any large stinking landfills here and the high proportion of green space in the city ensures good air.

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9. Strasbourg The French city has to struggle with fine dust like any other, but has now come up with something: Although the air quality can already be described as good, an optimized traffic light circuit should ensure that the quality continues to increase.

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10. Freiburg The cleanest city in Germany is Freiburg. The air quality is good here, the appearance is clean and great importance is attached to environmental friendliness: Most of the old city center is a car-free zone.

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