Binaural sounds help you to remember better

How Alpha Waves and Music Help Language Learning

The answer is clearly yes. Joking aside, there is a trick you can use to produce alpha waves in your brain even without meditation. Lozanov was already looking for a way to easily reach the alpha state in the brain.

In doing so, he found out that you can with the help of special classical music (which contains the so-called Largo sentences) can be put into the alpha state quite easily. These largo movements are particularly common in baroque music.

Classical music improves your concentration but also in general, due to the “Mozart effect”, which is particularly strong in the key of major and a cheerful sound.

Regardless of whether you are listening to Mozart or the music of another classical composer, the music activates the same Brain regions that also help solve spatio-temporal tasks can be used and you can concentrate better.

Why this is the case with classical music, however, has not yet been clearly clarified. But that shouldn't bother us at this point. I would say that for now it is enough for us to know that we can benefit from it.

By the way: Alpha waves and the right music also help you to sleep or fall asleep.