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My Vistaprint business cards have arrived

Last updated on July 23, 2018 at 1:10 PM

I recently reported on Vistaprint's offer of 250 free business cards. Although I opted for the cheapest shipping option, where the cards should arrive after 6 to 8 weeks, it only took 14 days for the parcel to be in the mailbox. I'm more satisfied than expected with the look and feel of the cards.

I opted for the cheapest possible variant without the Vistaprint logo and paid around 7 euros for the 250 business cards and a post-it pad in a matching design - you can't really make excessive demands on that. In this respect, I was very surprised by the print and paper quality: there is undoubtedly a lot of finer types of paper, but the writing on the cards is clear and the cardboard is just thick enough, the two-sided print with URL and claim on the back rocks. I really like the Post-It notepad that I ordered as a test; that would be a nice marketing giveaway for blogs; I'll be ordering a few blocks with the data dirty logo soon.

For my next business cards I will choose the more expensive paper quality, otherwise I can only recommend Vistaprint unreservedly. The operators of the site rely heavily on upselling offers, but those who can refrain from ordering suitable soup spoon holders and woolen doilies will receive unbeatable, professional-looking business cards. And the advantage of Vistaprint's aggressive market penetration strategy is quite simply that special offers are always available - currently the online printing company is luring with a free metal case for business cards, a free stamp, a 25% discount offer, free photo Desk calendars and t-shirts.

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