What are 3 ways to remove weeds

Remove weeds - Our 4 best tips

Anyone who has a garden knows the annoying problem: weeds. You can find out how to effectively remove and reduce weeds here. Read our tips now.

Some say that everything that grows in the garden has its place there. And that's why some people don't pull weeds.

However, if you've laid out your garden nicely, then it's all too understandable that you don't tolerate wild weeds in the flowerbed - so, out with it.

But often things grow rampant and you can no longer master the situation. There are a few possibilities so that they can at least be contained a little, because they will never completely disappear. Here are our 4 tips weed to remove and to Reduce:

  1. Deep-rooted weeds such as ground elder, buttercups or bindweed, i.e. the plants that form new shoots from the roots, should be tackled with a weed picker and the roots pulled out with them. In the case of dandelions and thistles, the entire plants, including the roots, must also be removed.
  2. Try to counteract the weeds with pretty ground cover. Evergreens, golden strawberries, lilies of the valley ... at least that's how it is reduced.
  3. A layer of bark mulch does no harm and effectively curbs weeds.
  4. If you lay a weed fleece in a bed before planting and then cover it with a layer of bark mulch, you will have a particularly long time in front of weeds.

Update: Miracle cure for weeds found
I have now found a remedy for weeds that I have named “Product of the Year”: The weed killer including lawn fertilizer from the WOLF-Garten company. After only a week, my weeds (dandelions, clover, etc.) have decreased massively, while the lawn is stronger than ever. I bought it here with free shipping via Amazon ...