What does civitas mean in Latin

civitas (Latin)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

ci | vi | tas, Plural: ci | vi | tes
Word meaning / definition:
1) Law: Citizenship, Citizenship
2) organized association of citizens; Citizenship
3) the totality of people who live in a network; Citizenship
4) a city and its areas or a state comprising several cities
5) metonymic: city
6) metonymic, special: Rome
Origin of the term:
Derivation from the nouncivis
5) urbs
6) Roma, urbs


Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in Latin:

Japonia civitas industrialis est.
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Quomodo sedet sola civitas plena populo!
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Unius peccata tota civitas luit.
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Ecce, civitas hæc iuxta, ad quam possum fugere, parva, et salvabor in ea numquid non modica est? et vivet anima mea.
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Novum Eboracum est et urbs et civitas.
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Nulla civitas have ius existendi.
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city: ... (şar) Lao: 1) ຊຽງ (sīang) Latin: 1) urbs (female), civitas (female), oppidum (neuter) Latvian: 1) pilsēta ...

Country: ... and so on. In the late Middle Ages, people usually used res publica, civitas or regnum. With derivations from status, as mentioned above, at that time ...

C.: civis, civitas 4) cohors, colonia 5) collegium 6) coniunx Origin of the term: third letter of the Latin alphabet, originally the K- u

augsburg: ... The German form 826 Augusburuc, 867/870 Augustiburc, in the 9th century (Latin and German) civitas Augustensis id est Ogesburc, in the 11th century Augustburg was created by adding ...

ciutat: the city Origin of the term: from the Latin noun civitas Opposite words: el poble (= village) Examples of use: 1): Barcelona és una ciutat gran meravellosa

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