Who has Dr. John Nash killed


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Game theorist and mathematician John Nash passed away.
Obituary by C-SEB spokesman Axel Ockenfels

John Nash and his wife Alicia were killed in a car accident last week. He is the inventor of the equilibrium concept in game theory. The latter is a theory for modeling decision-making situations, which is an important basis for behavioral and engineering research at the C-SEB and the WiSo Faculty. What is probably less well known is that John was also one of the first researchers to conduct economic experiments with the aim of better understanding human decision-making behavior and that he followed the many new fields of application of behavioral economics with great interest.

I had the honor of welcoming John as a guest in Cologne in 2006. He spoke about his current research planning as well as his interest in human behavior in the research seminar of our faculty. We had also organized a public symposium on game theory and experimental economics, which was probably the best-attended scientific event at the University of Cologne of all time. Those who landed expect an eccentric scientist, but he captivated everyone with his warmth, curiosity, and interest in almost every aspect of human existence. After his departure he remained connected to Cologne and was always interested in hearing about our scientific advances.

The news of your death struck me very deeply. My condolences go out to your son.
We will continue to enjoy his scientific achievements as well as the memories of his eventful life and his wonderful character.