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Eto'o's best sayings

He has an impressive list of achievements and a personal history of admirable willpower. From his birthplace Cameroon, Samuel Eto'o earned a special place in the elite of world football through his goals and talent. Last but not least, this is evidenced by the fact that he has been voted Africa's Footballer of the Year four times, more often than anyone else.

But the striker made headlines not only because of his performances on the pitch. In the course of his successful professional career, which has led him to Real Madrid, Real Mallorca, FC Barcelona and Inter Milan, among others, he also gave some samples of his distinctive character in the press rooms.

The star of the Untamable lions lives up to his national team's nickname even at the age of 30. Eto'o is still characterized today by an unbending personality - as it was more than 15 years ago when he dared the leap to Europe and arrived in Madrid.

FIFA.com has compiled some of the most famous sayings of today's Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala striker.

"It motivates me when I'm kicked. When I have to take punches, you can't imagine how much I want to score a goal just to annoy them."* Motivation techniques according to Eto'o.*

"I assure you that if I were Brazilian and my name was Eto'osinho I would have more press."
Eto'o's Theory of Relativity for the World of Football.

"He's more beautiful than me, but I'm the better footballer."* The Cameroonian compared himself to the Englishman David Beckham.*

"Legshots and jacks are nice, but goals are what count."
For Eto'o, football is a simple matter.

"I live from the mistakes of others." *
* Samuel Eto'o after winning the Spanish Cup in 2009.

"I don't like players who kiss their shirts after a goal because they won't hesitate for a second to leave their team the next day if someone offers them a few million more. My heart is Mallorca and I work for at the moment Barça. That's all."* Eto'o a few years ago on loyalty to the clubs.*

"At the time he was the best coach for Barçabut there came a moment when we might have needed a coach to punish us. And Frank liked us so much that he couldn't punish us. I think we have abused his trust too much. "*
* His analysis after Frank Rijkaard's dismissal as coach of FC Barcelona.

"The games against Madrid Barça * are unique. I always said to my comrades at Inter that I was lucky enough to see many derbies, including the * Derby d'Italia. But the Clásico * Spain is the best in the world. We couldn't sleep properly a week before. "
Eto'o raves about the Spanish * Clásico.

"Words don't play football."* Eto'o attaches no importance to utterances.*

"My parents don't care about my salary. But I think they are very proud that the surname Eto'o is known all over the world. That Eto'o is popular in Dagestan and that even the Chinese know who Eto'o is. That gives them more than knowing that I make millions at Anzhi. "
Money is not everything...