Should young people move abroad to work

Why people go to another country

Some people want to work abroad to learn a foreign language or to pursue a career. Young people often leave their home country to get a good education in another country. Still others emigrate because they expect a better future in a foreign country. Citizens within the EU do not need a visa and only have to complete a few formalities. People from outside who want to come to the EU have bigger hurdles to overcome.

Some people only go to another country for a while and then return to their homeland. But there are cases when people stay abroad. I like to go to another country. But it's not always easy. We are different people with different traditions.

For years people have been moving from place to place, looking for the promised land. Looking for the fertile land, they settled there. So it went from year to year, from one century to another.

The 21st century. Are people changing? No! Time is running out, but people are the same. What kind of driving force compels people?

There are many different reasons to go to another country. In particular, some people emigrate from underdeveloped countries. They hope for a better life or because they are threatened in their homeland. Lots of people leave to make more money and give their children a better future. Some people travel to their ethnic homeland, where their ancestors used to live. There are also the bold ones who take heart and try their luck abroad. And before emigrating, all foreigners hope for hospitality in their new home and yet do not know what to expect.

And who is waiting for these people? These foreigners often travel with the hope of getting a job. The masses of foreigners poured into these highly developed countries. This is how the question of foreigners becomes topical. A lot of articles are devoted to the subject of foreigners. The main problem is that foreigners from underdeveloped countries have neither money nor goods. You have no language skills and want to get a job and an apartment, have the same rights. And what do you have to do with them? Many citizens are dissatisfied and of the opinion that the asylum and immigration law must be changed. They believe that there will not be enough jobs and apartments for incoming foreigners in the future. The foreigners who managed to get out of trouble and live in prosperity do not want to return to their homeland. There are also problems of cultures and religions. Two other ways of life collide, which is why Europe is becoming multicultural.