Who wrote The Well Tempered Clavier 1


The first fugue from the Well-Tempered Clavier is a wonderful introduction to the world of Johann Sebastian Bach. A fugue is a musical composition in which a theme (a melody) is first introduced and then repeated in other voices. In contrast, modern pieces of music consist of only one melody, accompanied by chords and rhythms. The topic looks like this:

In the first part of the fugue, all four voices play the theme, but at different times and not at the same time. Then the voices start playing the theme so that it overlaps with that of the other voices. This is called a stretto. Bach uses the Stretto to make the music more intense and complex.

The theme appears 24 times in the course of the fugue. This is no coincidence: There are 24 fugues in the Well-Tempered Clavier - so it is to be understood symbolically! Bach loved numbers and symmetries, and this is his way of showing that he wanted to write a total of 24 fugues from the start. Try listening to the individual themes in the fugue as you listen to Kimiko Ishizaka.