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Santander Bank: Information on the Credit Specialist

The Santander Consumer Bank is a German banking house whose roots go back to 1957. At that time the credit institute was founded as Curt Briechle KG sales financing in Mönchengladbach. The focus was on the financing of automobiles. To this day, the bank has remained true to the founding idea and is considered one of the major lenders for consumer loans. Eleven years after it was founded, the company was renamed Bankhaus Centrale Credit AG and in 1987 the Spanish banking group Banco Santander took over 100 percent of the bank. The parent company is now Spain's largest bank.

Openbank is also part of the Santander Group and, as a digital bank, strengthens the online banking expertise of the Santander banking group. In Germany, Openbank convinces its customers with a free Griokonto. Interesting are also the interest on the Openbank overnight money.

The Santander Consumer Bank currently employs over 3,100 people in Germany and, according to its own account, is one of the largest German private banks in terms of the number of private customers. Santander Bank's products are marketed online, in retail outlets and in over 200 bank branches in Germany.

Santander Bank offers these products

Santander Bank specializes in loans and credits for consumer goods. The credit institute is known to many German customers because of the consumer loans that are often offered through retailers and car dealerships. In addition to financing, Santander Bank also has other typical banking products in its portfolio:

Santander Bank ATMs - Where Can You Get Free Cash?

Santander Bank also offers a free checking account. You can use online banking to process all of your payment transactions. In addition to digital financial management, you also need cash every now and then. You can get this from Santander Bank with your Girocard or Maestro card free of charge at over 3,200 ATMs. Santander Bank is a partner in the so-called CashPool, which is why you should look out for the CashPool logo at the ATMs.

You can find the nearest ATM using the Santander Bank branch search.

For example, BBBank, Degussa Bank, National-Bank, Sparda-Banken, Südwestbank, Targobank, Wüstenrot-Bank and numerous smaller private banks have joined forces in the CashPool.

We have already tested these products from Santander Bank

On you will find the following test reports on products and loans from Santander Bank:

How safe is your money?

With financial investments and also for the credit balance in the current account, it is particularly important that your credit balance is safe in the event of a bank failure. At Santander, your deposits are protected with a two-stage security system. Since it is a German bank, the statutory deposit insurance applies first. After that, your money is secured up to a maximum amount of 100,000 euros per bank and customer. In addition, Santander Bank is a member of the deposit protection fund of the Federal Association of German Banks. This increases the scope of protection to at least 750,000 euros, including the statutory deposit protection. In the event of compensation, i.e. if the bank is insolvent, you will receive your protected deposits back within seven working days.

Apps for the smartphone from Santander Bank

You manage the current account of Santander Bank not only via online banking on your computer. You can also use your smartphone to access your sales, make transfers or call up account statements. Santander Bank offers the following apps:

The free Santander Banking app is a supplement to the Santander current account. With the app for Android and iOS you can access your accounts at Santander Bank and keep track of your balances. You can also make transfers, call up your account statements or view the messages in your postbox.

TAN lists or SMS to approve your transfers from online banking have been replaced by the SantanderSign app. You need the security app to approve transfers and other orders in online banking on the computer or in the mobile online banking app. The app meets the requirements of the PSD2 directive, according to which 2-factor authentication became mandatory for banks.

By the way, you can get a good overview of banking apps from all financial institutions in our banking app overview.

frequently asked Questions

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about Santander Bank. Has your question not been answered yet? Please send us an email at [email protected].

Can you redeem a Santander loan?

Yes, you can usually repay your loan early at Santander Bank. Compare the conditions of other providers with our installment loan comparison beforehand. After finding a cheaper provider, you should speak to Santander Bank before closing the deal at the new bank. As a rule, a prepayment penalty is due. Check whether the early repayment of the Santander loan pays off.

Where can I withdraw money with Santander?

Santander Bank is a member of the CashPool. You can get money with your Girocard or Maestro card free of charge at over 3,200 ATMs at banks that are also members of the CashPool.

Which banks are in the cash pool?

In addition to a few smaller private banks, the Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, BBBank eG, Degussa Bank AG, some Sparda banks, Südwestbank-Bawag AG and Targobank AG are members of the CashPool.

What is the BIC of Santander Bank?

Santander Bank's BIC is SCFBDE33XXX.

What is the interest rate at Santander?

As with all other banks, the interest rates change quite frequently at Santander Bank. Use our comparison calculator to determine the interest rate for a special product. With us you can also see what offers other banks are making.
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