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A young mermaid

Mermaids and their male representatives die Aquarians (jap. 人魚, Ningyo) are one of two sea peoples from the world of One Piece, who come from the Fishman Island. They have the upper body of a human and the lower body of a fish or other marine animal and are not to be confused with the fish people.[1] They therefore also have the ability to communicate with fish.[2] There is also a conflict between these two species on their home island, but not much is known about it.[3]

They are considered to be the best swimmers and therefore the fastest creatures in the sea, which is due to their special physique.[4] From the age of 30, the tail fin of the mermaid divides, but the exact reason for this is not known. This is why young, pretty mermaids are much more sought-after and, with a starting price of 70,000,000 berries, they are the most expensive of all species in the human shops.[2] Because of their beauty, mermaids often end up in the fish tanks of the rich and powerful, such as the world aristocrats.[5][6]

History of slavery

Traffickers kidnap the mermaids

Over 200 years ago, the world was a terrible place for fish people and mermaids, because they were all classified as just one more species of fish and therefore persecuted and discriminated against by humans. Despite their physical superiority over humans, they were still outnumbered.

And even if a treaty was finally negotiated with the world government through which the two classes were regarded as equal to human beings, kidnappings, the slave trade and the discrimination from the past survived, especially in the Sabaody Archipelago.[7] For this reason, fish people and mermaids dress up when they enter the archipelago so that they are not abducted by human traffickers and end up as "goods" in a human shop or an auction house.

There the female mermaids are traded for 70,000,000 berries as a starting bid and are not infrequently the highlight of an auction. They are worth more than any other breed. Because of this, they are very popular with human traffickers.

The female mermaids with split fins bring in only 1/7 that is around 10,000,000 berries and the mermen are only worth around 1,000,000 berries.[2] The buyer can do what he wants with them. Most often, however, they end up in a small aquarium for decoration.

Well-known mermaids


  • Mermaids and mermaids appear in many seafaring legends. This is also the case in the maritime pirate manga One Piece. In Japanese mythology, too, there are mermaids who are called ningyo (in English: "human fish") just like in One Piece.


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