How can I register with BUET

Registration of residence

If you are moving to Essen from another city or from abroad, you must within 14 days register at the citizens' office after moving in. To register, please bring all your passports and / or ID cards with you, as well as the Confirmation of accommodation provider, which you must receive from your housing provider (download form). Citizens of EU or EEA countries can register at any Citizens Registration Office, but also need their marriage certificate and, in the case of children, the birth certificate. If you are a citizen of another country, you must be in the Foreigners Authority (Link word to home page ABH) Sign in.

In order to register, at least one family member must meet in person at the Citizens Registration Office. When registering, the identification documents such as the identity cards of all family members to be registered must be presented.

In the case of registrations from abroad, all persons to be registered must be present at the Citizens' Registration Office. You do not need to fill out a registration form beforehand. You can provide the necessary information directly when processing at the Citizens' Registration Office.

The submission of an accommodation provider confirmation is mandatory. You can download a corresponding form here.

A printout of the saved data will be given to you for verification and proof.

It is not necessary to de-register with the previous registration authority.

There are no fees for a timely registration.

It is not possible to register before moving into the apartment.

For further information on registration, in particular on the possible rights of objection, please refer to this information sheet.

Special features for children under 16:

When registering or re-registering a minor child under 16 years of age, the following must be taken into account:

If the joint apartment of both custodians and the child is dissolved through the registration or re-registration or if the child's apartment changes from one custodian to the other in the case of custodians who are already separated, a declaration of consent must be presented by the custodian who does not speak. The declaration of consent is informal. A sample is available here for your convenience.

Change of registration within Essen:

Information on re-registration, i.e. if you move within Essen, can be found on the Re-registration page.

Legal bases

Section 17 (I) of the Federal Registration Act

Data protection


Identification documents

Housing confirmation


Within 2 weeks after actually moving in in the new apartment. The start of the tenancy in the tenancy agreement is not relevant.



Payment methods

cash payment

EC card

Credit card

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Processing time

Right away