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the Versailles Treaty

Peace treaty after the First World War

The "Versailles Treaty" is the name given to the peace treaty concluded after the First World War between the victors France, the USA, Great Britain and Italy and the defeated German Reich. It was negotiated and signed in the Paris suburb of Versailles. The German Reich lost a seventh of its area and ten percent of its population. All colonies were also lost. In addition, so-called reparations had to be paid. These are compensation payments for the war costs of the victorious powers. The German Reich also had to greatly reduce its army.

Germany had to accept the treaty

Germany was not allowed to participate in the negotiations on the treaty, but had to accept the treaty. Because the German Reich and its allies were blamed for the war, many parties and people in Germany rejected the Versailles Treaty. The peace treaty represented a great burden for the democratic Weimar Republic. The opponents of the republic accused the democratic politicians of having betrayed German interests because they had signed the treaty.

Lessons from the contract

After the Second World War, the victorious powers kept saying that they did not want to repeat many of the mistakes made in the Treaty of Versailles. After the Second World War, among other things, it was decided not to demand reparations payments that were comparable to those after the First World War.

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