What attracts more girls to the guitar or piano

Psychology: why women prefer men with guitars

Jamie Cullum didn't really want to get famous when he started making music seriously. The multi-instrumentalist from Essex, England, whose new album "Momentum" is out this Friday, actually only wanted to be invited to parties and get to know girls, he says. He will probably not be the only one who has intuitively suspected this: musicians somehow always have an easier time with women.

It is now scientifically proven that this is actually true. Nicolas Guéguen, professor of social and cognitive psychology at the French Université de Bretagne-Sud, grabbed a handsome 20-year-old for his study and sent him out on the street on a Saturday afternoon to talk to women.

He prayed down the same standard text to all 300 of the chosen ones between 18 and 22 years of age: He was Antoine, would find the lady really beautiful, would unfortunately have to work now, but would like to have a drink with her later. What you just say.

Sports bag is not a lucky charm

However, Antoine was available in three different versions. In 100 of his attempts he was left empty-handed, in another 100 with a gym bag, and in the last 100 with a guitar case. You guessed it: the guitar got him by far the most phone numbers - women gave them out 31 percent of the time. The empty-handed Antoine, on the other hand, was only successful with 14 percent of the women addressed. And Antoine with the sports bag was, you can't put it another way, an unlucky fellow: He only ends up with nine percent of women.

There is an explanation for the success of the guitar, writes Guéguen in the journal "Psychology of Music". The women could either associate the instrument directly with good genes and fertility or with personality traits such as sensitivity, hard work and intelligence.

Jamie Cullum seems to have worked: he has been married to British model Sophie Dahl since 2010.

One question remains, however: what does Antoine do with the more than 50 phone numbers? Perhaps he should at least test the 31 that he got hold of with a guitar - perhaps the ladies just didn't want to hurt the delicate musician with a basket. Who knows.