How is Oakland

Oakland was founded in 1852 and is the third largest city on the San Francisco Bay with around 400,000 inhabitants. It is 6 miles east, just across the bay from San Francisco. The city is still very industrial today, with the port playing an important role. It is one of the 5 largest ports in the USA and is also one of the top 20 in a global comparison. The city's sights are very manageable. The center of the city is home to some remarkable Art Deco buildings such as the Paramount Theater or the Fox Theater. Chinatown may also be interesting for tourists because it is more authentic than the district of the same name in San Francisco. The city's nightlife is mainly centered around Jack London Square, which is home to numerous clubs, cinemas and restaurants. Despite everything, the city stands in the shadow of its neighbor, the world-famous San Francisco, but if you want to take a trip to Oakland, you shouldn't shy away from it. With the BART, you can be in Oakland in no time from San Francisco. Also worth mentioning is the Oakland Zoo with its variety of different animal species.

Oakland Harbor