How do you feel about speed dating

Via speed dating to the apprenticeship position

Typically, speed dating involves flirting for a few minutes to see if they're a good match. With trainee speed dating, the training company and the trainee candidate check whether it fits professionally and interpersonal.

Usually a large number of companies from different industries are represented with a stand at such an event. Of course, not everyone has the courage to simply approach company representatives, introduce themselves and start a conversation. Give yourself a push, because the companies came especially to get to know young people like you!

You usually have ten minutes to get to know each other, then others have a turn. Because time is short and the training company should still get to know you and your interests and skills well, you have to get to the heart of the most important information about yourself. For example, you could practice with a friend to summarize yourself, your academic strengths and your professional interests and skills in a few sentences.

You can often find out before the event which companies will be present at the trainee speed dating. It always makes a good impression when a company notices that you have informed yourself about it, because that shows you interest. An additional tip: prepare individual application folders for the most interesting companies. You can then hand them over to the company representatives after the interview. If the company thinks that you could be a good fit for them, you may soon be invited to a detailed interview and then possibly be one of the new trainees.

Speed ​​dating is also a good workout to reduce your nervousness. This not only helps you in a job interview, but also in general in professional and private situations in which you suddenly have to present yourself to strangers. That is why we can highly recommend such apprentice speed dates to you.

Trainee speed dating in your area

You can find out more about trainee speed dating in your region at your local employment agency.

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