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My Pinterest account is now the tidiest and cleanest account in the great Pinterest universe!

Wednesday morning, the day before Maundy Thursday, I clicked on the little one P. at the top right of my blog. I had done that again and again in the weeks before, but less and less in the last few days, mostly without much hope. It was the same on this Wednesday. I clicked on it and actually had no expectations and then:

Bam! My Pinterest account was back. Online again. Visible again. After almost five weeks.

Everything is still there. All boards, all 79,000 followers, all almost 50,000 pins. 50,000 pictures that I've pinned over the past almost nine years. 50,000 pins that I tackled in the next few days. Every god damn board I clicked on and scrolled through pictures and urls and pictures and urls. And I was more than flabbergasted, amazed and in between also stunned how many pictures are linked to the wrong website and are being pinned on and on by millions of Pinterest users. No, were! Away with it!

My Pinterest account is now the tidiest and cleanest account in the great Pinterest universe. Bottom up!

Well, I'm not so sure about that, I can't be at all, but I am myself quite for sure. I've really been doing tabula rasa in the last few days. I deleted some boards completely, others I dug up several times in the past few days, scrolled through and rummaged through and still came across these shitty redirected images. That makes me so angry. But I can't change it. I can only pin more carefully and deliberately in the future.

How I cleared out my boards:

First of all, I deleted pictures from all the boards in a big way. To do this, I clicked on "organize" in the top right corner of the respective board and always deleted 50 images at once. I deleted:

  • Photos that did not have a pin description, for example.
  • Images that had strange descriptions
  • and almost all of the pictures that had an English description.
  • Then I checked all the leftover photos by moving the mouse over them. All URLs (websites) known to me were allowed to stay, the rest had to go and were deleted individually.

I deleted photos with English descriptions because I rarely know their source and website. I just know my way around the German blogger market better than the foreign one. How do I know that the picture of the juicy burger is really from the side comes and not from To be on the safe side, these pictures have also been removed from me.

Now, just under a week later, you will find around 16,000 beautiful, original, valuable pictures of real people on my Pinterest account, distributed on 174 boards.

16,000 pins, 98% of which come from German bloggers whose pictures I know and which lead to real and great blogs.

So if you are looking for a good cake recipe today, I recommend my cake board, which used to have 2,000 pins from all over the world. Today you will find 245 photos there that lead to German blogs and thus to German recipes. Goodbye conversion tables! If you are looking for inspiration and ideas about making yourself and doing handicrafts, then take a look at my DIY - & - creative ideas board. There you will find over 500 photos that lead to great DIY blogs.

I would like to give a big recommendation for the group boards to which I have been invited or to which I have invited others myself. Group boards aren't just made up of one Pinterest Creator filled, but by several creators (uh, one creator, many .. ?? ..).

Already three years ago I explained and described the advantages of group boards here on the blog - click.

On my board "Sweet Pleasure in Spring" you will find great cakes, cupcakes, desserts, jams, ... recipes. Seasonal, sweet, fresh and delicious from other food bloggers and myself.

On the board “German sewing instructions & ideas for everything to do with sewing”, 19 other bloggers pin their pictures with me, which in turn lead to helpful or stimulating blog posts.

Pasta love - pasta dishes and recipes: here you will find delicious pasta recipes from bloggers.

With the group boards, you can at least be sure that the linked websites behind the photos are clean.

Pin carefully and wisely!

Now I have good speeches, now I know how to do it and what can happen to you when you are just clueless about beautiful pictures continues pinning and does not check the respective website linked behind it.

That is why I would like to say urgently to you: pin carefully and carefully. In the last few days I have clicked on many colleagues' Pinterest accounts and scrolled through, always looking for real, valuable pins. All of you, we all pin a lot of crap. Nobody is safe from not being fooled by a fraudster. Some of the linked websites have already been blocked or blocked by Pinterest, but there are still an incredible number of sites on the net that are up to no good.

Enter the headline of one of your blog posts in the Pinterst search bar and then hover over the images with the mouse. This is what it looks like, for example, when I enter "rattling doors annoy, door stoppers help". Then an incredible number of photos of me appear that lead to another website and not to my original blog post. Even completely new collages were created with my photos. Unfucking unbelievable!

Pinterest is an incredibly great platform that not only has beautiful images, but also photos with added value. Behind many photos are good instructions, great recipes, nice interior design ideas and so on. But there are also a lot of candlesticks romping around there, stealing pictures, redirecting them and digging up the traffic from us bloggers.

I would like to say thank you very much: to everyone who works with my blog post from four weeks ago and encouraged and supported me mentally and mentally, with all the friends who supported me in the Pinterest community and with Anna from Pinterest, who stood up for me and saved my account on Pinterest. THANKS!

I wish you all a nice sunny weekend!
Stay healthy and if you use Pinterest on the weekend instead of in the park, then pin with joy and care.

best regards

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