What does you mean you are a monkey

The monkey says to me: phrase

When someone says that they have a monkey, they want to express that they are very astonished. We explain to you where this saying comes from

I'm the monkey!

It is game evening in the Müller house. Father Bernd tries his hand at the most expensive street, but unfortunately he never ends up on the right field, while mother Isa has to miss a round in Monopoly prison for the third time. When the parents are both almost broke after a while, Bernd exclaims in astonishment: "I'm the monkey! Isa, our children ripped us off quite a bit. They'll be real business people again!"

Mother Isa laughs approvingly: She is very proud of her gang of rascals. The children Robert and Luise laugh too, but at the strange saying their father just said. It's a funny idea to see a monkey looting dad. But what does he mean by that?

The phrase "I am the monkey" expresses great surprise and astonishment. At fairs in the last century there were often jugglers who had a monkey with them. From time to time he jumped onto the shoulders of onlookers and began to pretend to rid their hair of lice - in short, lice. The "lousy" people were mostly very surprised, which led to even greater laughter from the other viewers. Even today, when you are very astonished or have not expected something at all, you still shout: "I'm the monkey!"