How can I overcome night depression

I sat paralyzed and numb at home

Through the treatment I notice how I feel better again and how I feel joy in things again. I used to ride a lot. And now I am taking care of a young horse again. I really enjoy that. And this joy has been missing in my life for a very long time. I didn't even know what it felt like when life was beautiful. But I'm also still very afraid that it will be as bad as it was back then. When things are going so badly, it's not easy to forget and it takes a long time to build trust in yourself again. But because of what I've learned, I'm confident.

Mine was first: recurring. Over time it has become chronic for me. Based on my life story, I also have post-traumatic stress disorder and dependent personality disorder in addition to.

I think it's important that people dare to get help. That takes an infinite amount of strength and courage. And it's really hard work too. If you want to go to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, you usually have to wait several weeks. But you can't give up there. Sometimes you slip somewhere in between. If necessary, you can also ask someone else to make an appointment for you. And sometimes you need a little time to find the therapist with whom you feel that you are in good hands. It may take patience and a long breath to find the one that fits.

One possibility for additional support is a self-help group. Psychotherapy is over at some point or while waiting for a place in therapy or an appointment with a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, a self-help group is good for some people. It can take a bit of effort to get in touch with such a group for the first time. But you are among people who know the problem very well and understand you.

How openly you deal with your illness is a very individual matter. Everyone has to decide for themselves. I have chosen the path of openness for myself and I get along very well with it.