What the word skr means in rap

What does "Skrrt" mean? Meaning, translation, word origin and definition explained

In US slang, “Skrrt” is the sound made when a car drifts at high speed, the tires start to squeal and the car roars. The tires drag on the ground, creating the shrill sound. International, English and German rappers use the expression "Skrrt" as Adlib in their songs.

Scoffers and envious people simply refer to "Skrrt" as noise in rap songs.

"Skrrt" is an onomatopoeia (onomatopoeia). The term "Skrrt" was assigned to the sound of screeching tires and drifting cars.

"Skrrt" is also common in US slang as a term for an escape from an embarrassing or dangerous situation.

In addition, “Skrrt” is said to be the sound when drugs are “cooked” on a stove or fire. This can be found in early hip-hop or rap, among other things.

Alternative notation:

Other variants:

"Skrrt Skrrt" in rap - examples, meaning

Various international and national rappers use the term "Skrrt" in their songs. Here are a few examples:

  • Yung Hurn - song: "Skrrt Skrrt" - song line: "Black car, brother, he is skrrt skrrt skrrt"
  • 21 Savage - song: "Skrrt Skrrt" "- song line:" Skrrt skrrt, skrrt skrrt "(as hook)
  • Money Boy - Song: "Skrrt Skrrt Ice Ice" - Song line: "Skrrt, skrrt, Ice, Ice, Diamond-Chain, bling, bling"
  • PrinceRose - song: "Skrrt"
  • Fried Rice - song: "Skrrt Skrrt My Dick Hurt" - song line: "My d * ck, skrrt skrrt, is in a lot of pain"
  • Gian Camp - song: "Skrrt" - song line: "Skrrt, hop in that car boy we rollin out"
  • 1Z - song: "SKRRT"
  • Migos - song: "Bad and Boujee" - song line: "I hop out with all of the drugs and the good luck (skrrt)"
  • Kendrick Lamar - song: "DNA." - song line: "Corvette tire skrrt the boulevard"
  • Childish Gambino - song: "This Is America" ​​- song line: "This is America (skrrt, skrrt, woo)"
  • Drake - Song: "Fake Love"

One rapper calls himself "Yung Skrrt".

Money Boy is known for other expressions such as "Sheesh" or "scurr burr".

Further meaning of Skrrt

“Skrrt” sounds similar to “Skirt” (rock). However, a “skirt” is not meant by “Skrrt”.

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