Who is smarter Itachi or Shikamaru

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So, to justify myself (by the way, that goes to everyone, sorted by category, quoting is just too stupid for me):
It always depends on how you weight the individual sub-items, and of course everyone is different with their preferences.
Especially when it comes to Shikamaru, who has his personal fanboy here: Of course he is intelligent, but his knowledge is downright pathetic when you compare it with the ones I have listed. I'm still unsure whether Shikamaru will end up on 8 or 8.5.
By the way, Kabuto sits at 8.5, because I judge him to be less intelligent than Orochimaru, but of course he also has a lot of knowledge.

As long as we haven't seen Sasuke's EMS, he still sits at 8.5 with me and Naruto has his seat at maximum 8, because he can still only do 2 Ninjutsu, even if the variations of it are a bit more numerous. Jiraiya, on the other hand, has shown real flexibility and his jutsu were strong.

I don't fully understand the criticism here, because Taijutsu is fundamental, unarmed hand-to-hand combat. What else should A do if not that? Riki is only an indicator of muscle strength, but no fighting style can be derived from it.

Again, I don't quite understand the criticism. Sharingan, implanted or not, are only secondary to genjutsu specifically, but play a direct role in its application. In either case, however, the person performing it is the same ninja. Bijuu, on the other hand, are external participants who are kind enough to help their partner out of genjutsus. It's basically like a team member, with the difference that the Bijuus can intervene more effectively. These are just 2 different pairs of shoes.

This is a point of arguing about rating, but in general, speed in ninjas is all about jutsu support. Every ninja who is in the faster league uses Shunshin no Jutsu or even just chakra on their feet. So it makes no sense to allow some things and not others.

The assumption with Kisame is based on a note from Neji, who said he saw as much chakra with Kisame as he did with Naruto (who had access to Bijuuchakra at the time). And this was just the clone that only contained 30% of Kisame's entire chakra.
Plus that he's commonly referred to as a bijuu without a tail should speak volumes.
TheLibertine wrote:
When did Madara Uchiha demonstrate tactical skills? ... As the clan leader of the Uchiha clan, he must have been wise and knowing, but his fighting behavior can best be described with the word spam.

Speaking of Madara, he deserves a 9 in Chakra.

I am now quoting:
With Madara, too, the high place comes about because, in addition to intelligence, he has colossal knowledge.
And as far as his chakra is concerned, as long as he does not reach the extent of a bijuus (as explicitly mentioned in A), he does not come to the 9.