Does anyone watch the Halmark Christmas films?

Winter spectacle instead of real Christmas

The Christ Child in the poor manger in the Holy Land? This story, the ecclesiastical core of Christmas, is increasingly being left out in the USA. Christmas - the word is related to the German Christmas mass - has become a sure-fire success. The emotion and gift course also works without a religious background.

He suffices himself with his commerce, the wildly flashing fairy lights, colorfully wrapped gifts in socks by the fireplace, hot punch, festive turkey dinner - almost the continuation of "Thanksgiving" - and the red and white Santa Claus with reindeer and cocoa. Cola truck that can hardly be recognized as the good old saint from Europe, St. Nicholas.

The program will start in October

And then there are those sappy “Sweet Christmas Romances” (for example: Christmas love stories) that the specialized cable broadcaster Hallmark Channel delivers on flat-screen TVs in the USA and Canada. With his “Countdown to Christmas” he didn't even wait for the US horror festival Halloween this year, but started his Christmas film program in October.

Christmas on the Hallmark Channel

In the fourth quarter, the Hallmark Channel regularly becomes the most popular station for women between 25 and 54 years of age. For almost three months, women (and men) can now bring Christmassy bliss to their hearts every evening and watch attractive people celebrate Christmas. This year the special interest broadcaster is showing no less than 40 new, mostly self-produced “Christmas films”.

Lonely farmer, heroic cowboy, enchanted winter landscape

Most of the love stories are set in one of several wintery, snowy, romantic places of longing: somewhere in Montana, Colorado, Vermont or in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the east of the USA. The expectant viewer obviously needs this dream setting - and also the capable but lonely farmer or the heroic cowboy whom the protagonist can encounter in the enchanted snowy landscape.

The preppy lady melts away

When the preppy business lady trudges through knee-deep snow on high heels until a well-built lumberjack takes her in his muscular arms and beds her on a soft bearskin in front of the crackling open fire, the viewers feel good in winter. Soon the said tourist will become melting ice in the hands of the attractive ranger.

Growing branch

Such a "Sweet Christmas Romance" would not work in a social housing in the concrete gray of the suburbs. An erotic component, on the other hand, may not be missing. And so the story is about, for example, the attractive nurse on a quiet night shift. In the USA, such “Christmas Romances” are an enormously growing branch on the Christmas tree, even in book form.

Snow in foam form

You don't even have to travel to remote mountain regions to film the Christmas cinema. Specialized technicians in the film crews have long since become true snow artists: They spray the most magical winter landscapes in foam form from the hose of the tanker onto the locations. Post-production takes care of the rest on the computer.

Last year, for example, the film “Last Vermont Christmas” didn't even have to go to the aforementioned state in New England, in the north-east of the USA: The story of the Marvin sisters was made possible thanks to the film tricks in Rhinebeck and Kingston in the Hudson River valley be filmed near New York.